New Year in Mongolia – Shine jiliin mend khurgie!

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March 12, 2014
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January 7, 2015

Happy New Year! If you wonder how Mongolians celebrate December 31st…

Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanabaatar with the (pink) New Year tree in place. Image from

In Ulaanbaatar the Capital City Municipality (try saying that after some Mongolian vodka!) arranged the Silver Night of Ulaanbaatar concert. All I can say is I wish I had been there …From 8pm through to the early morning,  music and entertainment were provided for this great public concert including music by composer and pianist Batchuluun (founder of the band Niciton) whose music we absolutely adore (as do most Mongolians).

Image from

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And if you wonder what they do on New Year’s Day…

One of our trip assistants (Oyun) joined a volunteer group called Jack’s Tours. They climbed Tsetsee Gun – the highest peak (2256m) of the Bogd Khan mountain range that dominates the landscape south of Ulaanbaatar. It took around 7 hours of hiking in total (11km with 5.4km dedicated to the climb up) but look how they greeted the start of the new year …

Image by Batbileg.B

In Mongolia, the practise of greeting the rising sun from a high place is connected with their (still current) shamanistic beliefs. As the rising sun brings forth the birth of a new beginning, a new day, a new life. so it should be greeted with great respect. 

And if you wonder how Turuu spent his birthday on December 29th … l
ook at the brilliant cake!  

The EL Team….just not quite complete but looking good anyway!


The idea belonged to Turuu’s daughter. I think she knows her dad quite well??!!

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