Mongolia Family Holidays

Our Mongolia family holidays offer a magical ingredient: Mongolia itself, providing a breathtaking backdrop that is as remarkable as it is transformative. Rejuvenate your spirit of adventure and spend quality time with your loved ones on a holiday you’ll always remember. Tailored to suit your budget, travel dates, and family needs—particularly with your children in mind—our private trips are crafted to give you a personalised journey of discovery in Mongolia.

What appeals to you most for your Mongolia family holiday? Whether it’s adventure, education, or exploration, or whether you wish to hike, camp, stay in a traditional ger, trek by camel, ride horses, or simply find peace in nature, we provide you with your own private vehicle and a dedicated EL trip assistant.

We understand potential concerns—upset stomachs, boredom during long drives, mosquitoes, medical care, or emergencies. Rest assured, these are all addressed in our Pre-Departure Guidelines. However, should you have any concerns, we are just a message away.

For ideas and inspiration, check out our blog posts below or explore other itineraries on our website. Feel inspired by our reviews and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jess to share your thoughts and ideas.

Our Mongolia family holidays are designed to accommodate families of any size and configuration, as long as there is at least one child under the age of 18 in the group. This flexibility means your travel group can include beloved grandparents, a favorite aunt, a couple of uncles, or even a group of cousins. To make it even more accessible, children under 15 travel for free, and teenagers aged 15 to 18 benefit from a 50% discount on their travel costs, although please note that these discounts do not apply to domestic flights and accommodations in Ulaanbaatar.

There’s no catch. We genuinely believe that Mongolia offers a unique opportunity for children, unparalleled in its potential for exploration, adventure, and education.


Reviews Of Our Mongolia Family Holidays

The Blacklock Family

Cartwheels out on the Mongolian steppe during Mongolia family holidays
The landscapes we camped in, the culture we were able to experience, the food we tasted, the people we met was just beyond our expectations. Our children will have an imprint of Mongolia in their minds for a lifetime. It opened up their minds and eyes, so much so that they were really sad to leave.

The Kidron Family

Winter Mongolia family holiday
It remains a stand out adventure. And it was possible thanks to the special way you built EL and tailored our trip. It could easily be much less interesting and involving without your deep relations with the herders and families. So thank you for making it a real Mongolian exploration and not just a hover above the surface.

The Foss Family

Mongolia family tour
No need for a five star hotel, when you can be surrounded by so pleasant people and their great hospitality … the program you have put together for us was spot on and with new experiences and explorations to indulge in everyday. We have gotten much closer to people and their animals, than we had dreamed possible.

The Swanton Family

Family during one of our Mongolia family holidays
I just wanted to say a big thank you for the most amazing trip you organised for us. We couldn’t have asked for more to stay with such wonderful people and experience the life of a herder. I fell in love with Mongolia, as did Flo and I will not be able to stay away for long. The beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people were incredible.

The Chai Family

Exploring by bike - Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
My kids’ new standard for a perfect holiday. This holiday was truly an exceptional experience and we are so very grateful for everything Eternal Landscapes did to make it happen. Returning to Mongolia is on the top of my kids’ wish list; plenty of exploring left to do, so we’ll be back!

The Fletcher Family

Mongolia family tours
We truly did experience the real Mongolia living with families for the two weeks. They opened their homes to us. Dog sledding, staying in a ger, eagle hunting, playing UNO. The stillness of the landscapes. It was a unique package – not mainstream – and a true taste of the heart of Mongolia.

On our Mongolia family holidays, you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own private tour vehicle, accompanied by one of our great Mongolian teams consisting of a male driver and a female trip assistant. Many of our team members are parents themselves—or have experience caring for younger siblings—so they’re well-equipped to understand and meet your family’s needs. Whenever possible, and depending on the time of year and the experience you choose, we strive to pair you with Mongolian host families that have children, enhancing the interaction and enjoyment for your own kids.

Worried about dining options for fussy eaters? No need to fret! Each tour vehicle is equipped with a small mobile kitchen, allowing your EL team to prepare most meals. This setup provides us with the flexibility to cater to various dietary preferences and requirements. While there are some limitations due to the local environment, you’ll find our ability to accommodate your needs surprisingly adaptable.

Leaving Small Footprints In A Big Country

If your child is passionate about the environment, concerned about the climate crisis, or curious about the impact of tourism on nature, our responsible travel page  or  Climate Action Plan might be of interest. Here, your kids can learn about the efforts we are making to mitigate our environmental impact.

We wholeheartedly support involving children in the planning process of your family tour in Mongolia, especially if they are interested in environmental conservation. For example, they can learn about the effects of climate change on Mongolia and express interest in participating in activities like a tree-planting project. We are more than happy to integrate these educational and proactive experiences into your travel itinerary.

Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project during a Mongolia family tour

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