Mongolia Family Holidays

Mongolia family holidays have a magic ingredient – in that Mongolia itself provides the backdrop and what a remarkable backdrop it is.  Rejuvenate your spirit of adventure and spend quality time with your family on a family holiday you will always remember. Our Mongolia family holidays and itineraries are private trips of discovery adapted to suit your budget, your travel dates and your family – especially your children and what you would like them to experience in Mongolia.  

What suits best on your Mongolia family holiday – adventure, education, exploration…? Whether you want to hike, camp, ger homestay, camel trek, horse ride or just relax in some hot springs – you would have your own private vehicle and your own dedicated EL trip assistant.

For ideas and inspiration look throughout our website at the other itineraries we offer. Alternatively, be inspired by the reviews and use our informal drop-down calendar to see what you can experience during the main school holidays.

  • Children under 15 travel for free and those and from 15  to 18 years of age, travel for half price (excluding domestic flights and accommodation in Ulaanbaatar). There is no catch.

We are aware of the impact that the coronavirus is having on our daily lives including financially as well as on world travel and holiday plans. For more on the impact of the coronavirus on travel to Mongolia and what measures we are putting in place as a team and community see our dedicated coronavirus webpage (link). The same page also has details of our updated (until end of 2021) flexible booking conditions. We are keeping our 2020 prices through 2021. We are also putting in place our ‘Everyone Travels Safely’ strategy which we will publish when ready. Please do get in touch with any questions. We look forward to the day we can remove this note from our website. Jess & the EL team

The Swanton Family

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the most amazing trip you organised for us. We couldn’t have asked for more to stay with such wonderful people and experience the life of a herder. I fell in love with Mongolia, as did Flo and I will not be able to stay away for long. The beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people were incredible.

The Chai Family

Exploring by bike - Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
My kids’ new standard for a perfect holiday. This holiday was truly an exceptional experience and we are so very grateful for everything Eternal Landscapes did to make it happen. Returning to Mongolia is on the top of my kids’ wish list; plenty of exploring left to do, so we’ll be back!

The Fletcher Family

A winter horse trek Ulaankhuus district of Bayan Ulgii Province in the wild landscapes of western Mongolia
We truly did experience the real Mongolia living with families for the two weeks. They opened their homes to us. Dog sledding, staying in a ger, eagle hunting, playing UNO. The stillness of the landscapes. It was a unique package – not mainstream – and a true taste of the heart of Mongolia.

The Blacklock Family

Cartwheels out on the Mongolian steppe
The landscapes we camped in, the culture we were able to experience, the food we tasted, the people we met was just beyond our expectations. Our children will have an imprint of Mongolia in their minds for a lifetime. It opened up their minds and eyes, so much so that they were really sad to leave.

The Kidron Family

It remains a stand out adventure. And it was possible thanks to the special way you built EL and tailored our trip. It could easily be much less interesting and involving without your deep relations with the herders and families. So thank you for making it a real Mongolian exploration and not just a hover above the surface.

The Foss Family

No need for a five star hotel, when you can be surrounded by so pleasant people and their great hospitality … the program you have put together for us was spot on and with new experiences and explorations to indulge in everyday. We have gotten much closer to people and their animals, than we had dreamed possible.

Overview February Half Term  – Mongolia Family Holidays 

Mongolian Lunar New Year is known as Tsagaan Sar in Mongolian (White Month) and is one of the most important and traditional of celebrations in Mongolia bringing together family members. Even to experience just one day of this traditional festival provides a great insight for all ages.

There are limited domestic flights in the winter months but options closer to Ulaanbaatar include a homestay with the Naraa and Bujee family at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. You could also visit Khustain Nuruu National Park – great for short hikes for wildlife viewing such as the Mongolian Takhi (wild) horse. Another option is the Orkhon River Valley.

Accommodation Options – ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels

Overview Easter Holiday – Mongolia Family Experiences

March is the most industrious time of year for herders and Mongolian children get a long school holiday so they can go home to help. It’s a great time to get hands-on learning about the herding way of life.

Depending on when Easter falls, another option would be to visit the Kazakh eagle hunters in western Mongolia – their Spring Festival (Nauryz) falls on March 21st and 22nd.

There is also the Thousand Camel Festival in the southern Gobi Desert organised by a local NGO to help protect the Bactrian camel and the essential role it plays in the lives of the nomadic herders in the region. There is also an Ice Festival held at Khovsgol Nuur in northern Mongolia – it would be possible to explore the frozen lake by horse sleigh leading up to the festival. 

Accommodation Options – ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels

Overview May Half Term – Mongolia Family Holidays 

Spring is in the air although it’s still out of season and quiet. May in Mongolia is great for getting more active with day-hikes, horse rides and camel treks. Camping is also an option. The longer days make this a great time for exploration and discovery. The work of herding families is still close to the ger so it’s still possible to get hands-on learning about the herding way of life.

Accommodation Options – tent camp, ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels

Overview – Summer Holidays

July is peak-season – for Mongolian and international visitors. The fantastic Naadam (Mongolia’s traditional sporting festival) takes place in Ulaanbaatar and the rural areas (mainly focusing around July 11th and 12th with some earlier and later events).

Other festivals include:

July 23rd – Yak Festival, Orkhon River Valley, central heartland

August 7th – Horse Festival, Ogii, central heartland

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for Mongolian herding families and most work takes place away from the ger which means there is not always so much interaction. This makes summer is a great time for tent camping (allowing you to reach beyond the most visited places) for exploration of the landscapes. It’s also possible to walk (or go by vehicle for those with shorter legs!) ‘ger to ger’ – visiting yak herding families involved in a Cooperative in the spectacular Khangai Mountains.

Accommodation Options – tent camp, ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels. There is the option to use smaller more rustic tourist ger camps.

Overview October Half Term Mongolia Experiences

Naturally, autumn is a time of spectacular colour. Herding families start to have more time to spare and are freer and more relaxed. International visitor numbers have substantially dropped off.

In western Mongolia, late September and early October are the beginning of the Kazakh eagle-hunting season, opening with the spectacular eagle festival held in Bayan-Olgii and its surrounding communities.

Accommodation Options – Ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels

Overview Christmas Holiday Mongolia Experiences

Winter in Mongolia is a time of year when families have more time to spare and are freer and more relaxed. Our winter trips are shared adventures in that you will stay alongside the rural families we work with and experience their way of life and spend time with the families and their children in their home environment. The landscapes are also extraordinarily beautiful at this time of year.

Our winter trips can usually be adapted to fit with the arrival and departure of the Trans-Mongolian if you wanted to combine Mongolia with a trip to Beijing.

Accommodation Options – ger accommodation provided by rural families, local hotels

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