Our Mongolia Horse Trekking Tours

Our Mongolia horse trekking tours are relaxed, unstructured experiences perfect for a small group of friends or family who have an intermediate or higher level of riding experience (comfortable at a walk, trot, and canter on open and rough ground) and who want to discover and explore the freedom of the Mongolian steppe in a more natural and less regimented way.

We offer our Mongolia horse trekking experiences in partnership with horse herders that we work in long-term local community partnership with.  Horses are a symbol of strength of spirit, freedom, and independence in Mongolia and the horse herders we work in partnership with and who own the horses, have a similar strength of spirit and a love of freedom. That’s why our horse trekking routes are not prescribed as Mongolian herders don’t follow set routes or a set routine. Instead, on our Mongolia horse trekking tours you ride alongside your Mongolian herder host in the landscapes they consider home on the horses that they own and care for. Our Mongolian horse trekking experiences celebrate the Mongolian style of riding and as our guest, you experience one of the world’s greatest horse cultures from horseback, in a land where horses are still central and essential to the herding way of life.

You can find out more here https://www.eternal-landscapes.co.uk/horse-trekking-in-mongolia/, or explore our Mongolia horse trekking tours below or get in touch with any questions or ideas you have.

Tailor Made Horse Trekking Tours

Khangai Nomad Trails |14 Days | 5 days riding 

In partnership with Tomorbat herding family

Mongolian’s divide their country into three distinct eco regions – Gobi, Khangai and Tal Kherem Bus – desert, mountain and steppe. Khangai describes the mountain steppe and mountain forest steppe regions of their country and that’s the region that this trip with a five-day wilderness horse trek focuses on. The whole area is dominated by wilderness – rugged mountains, alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, river valleys and the southern-forested fringes of the Siberian Taiga. Landscapes play an important part in the way of life of rural Mongolians and as you discover and explore the different regions of the Khangai, so you’ll experience the diversity of the way of life of the people that make their home in these landscapes.



Khovsgol Migration Trails | 16 Days | 9 days riding 

In partnership with the Baasanchuluu herding family

Khovsgol Nuur National Park in northern Mongolia is justifiably considered a highlight of Mongolia. But, there is so much more to it than the famous lake. There is a wide range of habitats – wet meadows, shallow ponds, coniferous forest, steppe woodland, open steppe, alpine meadow, high mountains and the lake and lakeshore. On this trip you’ll get to experience all those different aspects as we show you a more local and human side to this remarkable area on an extended horse trek through the landscapes of Khovsgol Nuur National Park, the Khoridol Saridag Mountains Strictly Protected Area and the wild immensity of the Darkhad Valley.

Wild Terelj Trails  | 7 Days |  5 days riding 

In partnership with the Naraa herding family

Yes, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is one of Mongolia’s most visited destinations and it is included in many general tour itineraries but this is not about the ’must see’ sights. The hinterland of Terelj is a stunning area to explore in its own right – especially as you’ll be going a little more off the beaten trail as you horse trek and wild camp through an ecoregion with habitats as diverse as long river valleys, barren mountain tops, and high open Mongolian steppe, coniferous forests of Siberian Pine and Siberian Larch and sub-alpine meadows.

Living With The Tsaatan |16 Days | 6 days horse trek | Can be extended to include Khovsgol Nuur National Park or shortened with domestic flights

In partnership with the Narankhuu herding family

Located in the far north of Mongolia, the Darhad Depression is a broad expanse of open steppe and low forested hills and home to several thousand square kilometres of natural habitat classified as taiga (also known as the boreal forest). This vast region is Tsagaan Nuur, and as well as forming the northernmost tip of Mongolia, it provides the home range for the world’s southern-most indigenous reindeer population. This experience allows you to live alongside the Tsaatan and experience their way of life. However, this is not an ‘organised tour’  and during your time with the Tsaatan, nothing is contrived or planned.  Apart from the road trip to access the taiga, it is a journey on which you must be prepared to step outside your comfort zone.

Altai Trails |18 Days | 10 days riding |

In partnership with the Bashakhan & Asker eagle hunting families

Altai Tavan Bogd NP Mongolia
Altai Trails Horse Trekking

Basakhan is a Kazakh eagle hunter that we work in long-term local community partnership with and the main trek that forms the centrepiece of the itinerary was designed and put together between EL and Bashakhan. It is Bashakhan’s local knowledge that makes this itinerary so special as you experience a different more hidden side of the Altai as you trek with Bashakhan from his summer pasture at Tsengel Khairkhan to the Altai Tavan Bogd Lakes of Khoton and Khurgan Nuur. Although this brief description does not do this remarkable region justice – it is unexpectedly beautiful. An alternative to the popular Tsagaan Gol trek. Because of the way we work you’ll get an original insider experience – a more intimate and local introduction to the Altai region – a side that few other travellers get to see and experience.


Riding With Eagle Hunters | 9 days | 5 days riding| Late October to February only

In partnership with Mongol Kazakh eagle hunters Bashakhan & Asker

Amid the arid yet strikingly beautiful landscapes of western Mongolia, the Kazakh eagle hunters have a way of life that has been shaped by history, geography and political change. Out here, all schedules go out of the window. You’re on nomad time, and the daily activities depend on your host family, the eagle hunter, and the weather conditions. Days are spent trekking in the mountains on foot, or heading out on horseback. You’ll witness the eagle hunt, and the close relationship and communication needed between hunter and eagle. But leave your preconceptions behind.

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