Our Mongolia Horse Trekking Tours

There’s no prescribed routes.  Just riding.  As it should be.  Out on the Mongolian steppe.

The horse is a symbol of strength of spirit, freedom and independence in Mongolia. And, in a country of great horse men and women what could be a better way of exploring wild Mongolia than on horse back?

We mainly offer our Mongolia horse trekking tours as a tailor made experience – adapted to suit your travel dates and preferred length of trip. Why do this? As it offers you more flexibility and a more personal experience.

Our Mongolia horse trekking tours are different in that we leave the route entirely flexible and in the hands of your herder guide / horse wrangler as this leads to a less regimented experience and a more organic and Mongolian type of exploration. So many horse trekking experiences offered in Mongolia have rigid routes and itineraries and that just seems wrong in a country of such freedom. Instead, with us, the focus becomes getting to meet and know the Mongolian herder guide / horse wrangler in the areas where they consider home. Your herder guide / horse wrangler are our host families – people we have worked in partnership with for over 13 years.

Below are just some ideas but we offer Mongolia horse trekking tours countrywide through the network of rural herding families we work with. Get in touch for more details!

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is one of Mongolia’s most visited destinations.  Yes, it is includes in many general tour itineraries but this is not about the ’must see’ sights. The hinterland of Terelj is a stunning area to explore in its own right – especially if you’re prepared to go a little more off the beaten trail.

We avoid the hot spots and instead you’ll trek into the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area  – giving you time to explore the backcountry – through an ecoregion with habitats as diverse as long river valleys, barren mountain tops, and high open Mongolian steppe, coniferous forests of Siberian Pine and Siberian Larch and sub-alpine meadows. 

Our Terelj  horse treks are led by Naraa and his son Tsindee – herders that make their home in the region. 

Pricing is detailed in the PDF

Khovsgol is justifiably a highlight of Mongolia. But there is so much more to it than just the lake. Some companies say it is too commercialised or too ‘touristy’. Well. Join us on our Khovsgol horse trek and we’ll show you a different side. A more local and human side to this remarkable area.

Biologists use the word ecotone for places where different habitats meet – Khovsgol is an ecotone on a very large scale. On this trip you’ll get to experience all those different aspects of this region – including a 5-day horse trek in the Khoridol Saridag Mountains.

Pricing Is Detailed In The PDF


If you’re concerned, bring a helmet with you – they’ll be of a better standard than is currently available in Mongolia. Your trip assistant is trained in first aid and there’s a medical kit in each van. But, to a large degree you must be responsible for your own safety while riding. 

We provide safety guidelines for our riding trips with a few hints and tips on how to make the most of your Mongolian horse riding experience.


You will use Russian saddles (or a similar Mongolian version with felt saddle pads providing support and comfort under the saddle).These are provided by the herders themselves so will change in style from herder to herder. We don’t import western style saddles as a) it’s a faff and b) the horses aren’t used to them. The stirrups have ‘character’ – they’ll be more basic than you’re used to but have a wide step. The bridles are basically similar to what you might have used in the past. We provide chaps but you’re free to bring your own.

If we use pack-horses, you equipment will go in robust saddle bags. Sheeting is also available to cover packhorses whilst on the move and to shelter saddles and equipment at camp in times of inclement weather. For when at camp, we provide a kitchen tent and toilet tent as well as a VANGO tent for sleeping (one tent per person or per couple, no single supplements).

The herders look after the horses and help with saddling up, but you are welcome to help.

For what to bring, we provide a detailed ‘what to pack’ list on booking.

The Horses

Definitely the stars of the show!

These are horses. Not ponies. Just to clear that up!

Yes, they’re smaller than the horses you may ride at home but they’re strong and sturdy. They range in size from 12 to 14 hands high and have huge reserves of energy. Much more energy than you will have anyway!

Only the horses in western Mongolia are shod. Horses throughout the rest of the country are typically unshod.

The horses are provided by the herders we work with – all we have known for over 13 years. They love their horses and the horses roam free out on the steppe in-between treks so please don’t be concerned about the horses welfare.

Pace And Experience

It is difficult to describe a typical day, as they vary so much. Around six hours is about right for most people.

We like to make camp no later than four in the afternoon. That gives us plenty of time to relax at the end of the day. If you haven’t had enough riding by then, there is always the opportunity to ride out from camp in the evening. On a ‘normal’ day we would cover around 30-50km, depending on terrain.

If you do choose a small group trip, our group sizes are small – a maximum of six. This means we can offer plenty of flexibility. If there’s a mixture of abilities, we’ll divide the group into two for the riding. We also try to match your horse to your riding ability – for those that want to gallop like the wind or those that are less experienced and prefer a more gentle pace.


The trip is fully supported with an EL Mongolian team of (female) trip assistant and (male) driver. Our Russian Furgon 4×4 vans provide backup. Depending on the route, the equipment, provisions and luggage will either be transported by the EL van or a pack horse. If by pack horse, they are looked after by the herder trek guide – there is typically one pack horse for every 2 guest riders but the final decision is make by the herder trek guide.

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