Mongolia Festivals

There’s a wide range of Mongolia festivals taking place throughout the year. Some are a traditional part of the fabric of Mongolian life. Others are newer but still celebrate an aspect of Mongolian culture. Here is a brief guide to some of those festivals although new events are being added each year by local provincial governments and the Mongolian Tourism Association.

(For those looking for something a little different, we have listed some of Mongolia’s music festivals below.)

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Tsagaan Sar | Mongolian Lunar New Year | Jan/Feb | Countrywide

Khovsgol Ice Festival | Around March 3 -5 | Khovsgol Nuur National Park

Thousand Camel Festival | March 6 & 7 | Southern Gobi

Nauryz Festival | March 21 & 22 | Western Mongolia

Saikhan Yak Festival -May – Southern Gobi

National Naadam Festival | July 11 & 12 | Ulaanbataar

Naadam Festival | Countryside June/July | Countrywide

Felt & Yak Festival | July 22 & 23 | Orkhon River Valley

Eagle Festival | September & October | Western Mongolia

Mongolia Music Festivals

The variety of music festivals taking place in Ulaanbaatar and elsewhere in Mongolia can be surprising. Mixing international and Mongolian bands, DJs, musicians, and creative artists, the festivals are a celebration of visual arts and music.

Playtime Music Festival | Mid-July | Ulaanbaatar

Spirit Of Gobi | Mid-August | Southern Gobi

KHARAKHORUM | Changing dates | Ulaanbaatar

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