Solo Travel Mongolia

If you’re looking for a solo travel experience in Mongolia, we warmly welcome solo travellers on our Mongolia experiences – whether you choose to join one of our small group experiences or one of our tailor made options.

We aim for local, fluid and flexible and cater for those who typically travel independently (or have done in the past) but want a genuine Mongolian experience and are looking to do an organised trip due to time constraints but have trouble with the ethos of an organised trip.

What’s key is that our guests have a genuine desire to experience Mongolia as authentically as possible. There’s no pressure to join in the whole time: you can be as involved or independent as you like. Our trips attract people from all over the world who love to explore, discover and share their passion for travel. We look forward to welcoming you. Read on for further details about how we support solo travellers as part of our solo travel policy.


Solo Travel Mongolia

  • Our group sizes are a maximum of six which is refreshingly small for the travel industry. This allows us to provide you as our guest with a more individual style of trip and the freedom of independent travel.
  • Our trips typically run with between 3-5 bookings. However, we do guarantee all of our small group trips with two bookings which means you don’t have to wait for a higher number of bookings before making a commitment. 
  • Our small group trips have a sliding price scale – the more individual bookings we receive so the price comes down and everyone benefits. However, we try to be as flexible as we can be for our guests and last minute cancellations can cause confusion for those already booked onto our trips as it might mean a change in price. I appreciate this is a weakness in our sliding price scale and we continue to look at alternative ways of offering this sliding scale.
  • For 2023 we are creating a guaranteed departures page for our website. Whilst we are in the process of putting this together, if there’s a trip you like but it is not yet guaranteed get in touch as we may have someone else interested.
  • We get slightly more solo travellers than couples although numbers vary from one trip to the next. Generally the split between women and men travelling solo on our trips is 50:50, however in recent years there has been a slight rise in the number of female solo travellers. It does vary from trip to trip so just ask Jess when you enquire.
  • Ages range from 20s up to 70s and above. These are not 18-30 holidays. We’ve found over the years that a good range of different ages usually adds to the group experience. What’s key is people’s desire to experience Mongolia as genuinely as possible.
  • You travel with one of our EL teams of (male) Mongolian driver and (female) Mongolian trip assistant. By the end of the trip it feels more like you’re travelling with friends. If you’re booking a small group experience, Jess deals with all enquiries and if you’re concerned about possible problems with group dynamics  then Jess will always provide the basic details of other travellers to help you make a final decision on whether to join or not.

As for nationalities we have a broad base including guests from the UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Brazil and Israel as well as other countries in Europe and also South America. We pride ourselves on having a vibrant EL community with a strong percentage of returning guests.

If unsure, let Jess know your concerns or questions. We can always put you in touch with a previous EL traveler who can provide feedback.You can also get in touch with previous travellers through our EL Facebook group –

Arrival And Departure Transfers

  • We always provide a free arrival and departure transfer as long as these are booked in advance.


  • Our trips typically start and finish in Ulaanbaatar where we offer all guests our free (informal and relaxed) city walking tour. We don’t take you to museums which you can easily visit independently. Instead, we introduce you to what we call local Ulaanbaatar – places or people that you might not get to see on your own.
  • In addition,  we also provide a map of Ulaanbaatar as well as our guide to this great city in our Welcome Pack. This allows you to explore the city easily and independently outside of your time with EL.
  • We don’t include dinner in Ulaanbaatar as this gives you all a little more flexibility. However, we do offer you an informal lunch and welcome drink. It is not a tour briefing nor a formal event. Instead, it just allows those interested to come together in one of Ulaanbaatar’s great bars.
  • We also provide our WhatsApp details so you can contact us at anytime whether that be you want ideas on where to eat or need help getting a taxi.

For those interested, we do also offer a range of one-day experiences – all that can be booked as a solo traveller. For those booked onto an EL trip, we offer a reduced pricing structure for our one day trips. Get in touch for details.

We don’t ask for a single supplement although the following does apply:


  • On purpose we don’t include accommodation in Ulaanbaatar as everyone is different in the standard of accommodation they would like at the start or end of the trip.
  • We also don’t include dinner in Ulaanbaatar as this gives you all a little more flexibility. However, we do offer you an informal lunch and a welcome drink. It is not a tour briefing nor a formal event. Instead, it just allows those interested to come together in one of Ulaanbaatar’s great bars.

Tent Camping

  • If you join one of our small group tours and it includes camping then we provide you with your own tent at no extra cost.

Ger Accommodation

  • A major part of our philosophy is working in long-term partnership with local communities. This means that a majority of the accommodation we use is provided by local families – whether homestays or small informal ger camps. Due to the number of gers available this typically means it is a shared ger (shared with other members of your EL group).

Local Hotels

  • Where possible we do provide our solo travellers with a room of their own but this is limited by the size of the hotel and the number of rooms available.

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