Trans Mongolian Train Extensions Mongolia

For those arriving into or departing from Mongolia on the Trans Mongolian railway, we provide a range of what we call Trans Mongolian train extensions. Whether you’re looking for a short one-day experience, a tailor-made experience adapted to fit your specific dates or a small group trip in Mongolia, we can help you.

The Trans Mongolian railway is the train line which links Beijing to Ulaanbaatar and then continues on to Ulaan Ude (or vice versa) where it connects with the Trans-Siberian railway. It is a remarkable journey – covering the wide empty plateau of the Gobi Desert with potential swift glimpses of white-tailed gazelle. Heading north after Ulaanbaatar, the rail link travels through Selenge Aimag – the name derives from the mighty Selenge River, Mongolia’s principal river.  This part of the journey provides a direct contrast to the Gobi being dominated by the magnificent scenery of river basins, forest-steppe, and fertile agricultural landscapes. Enjoy Mongolian buuz or khuurshuur bought directly off sellers on the platform – an alternative feast is that of salami, gherkins, and the ubiquitous vodka shared by locals to international travellers.

Our Options For Trans Mongolian Train Extensions Mongolia

Our collection of Mongolian short tours includes three Trans-Mongolian train extensions that follow the route of the Trans-Mongolian train. You can start these Trans-Mongolian extensions in Sukhbaatar, Darkhan, Ulaanbaatar, Choir or Sainshand.

Trans Mongolian Train Tickets Mongolia

If you’re looking for information on how to book a trip on either the Trans-Mongolian railway then pretty much everything you could possibly need to know has been written by The Man in Seat 61. Alternatively, we can purchase tickets from Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar to Beijing through a local agency run by the ever-brilliant Ganbayar Davaajav – the owner of Due to his longterm connections with the train ticket office, his ticket prices are substantially lower than elsewhere. He can provide a ticket copy for any visa application requirements and does not need to be paid until you arrive in Mongolia – when he hands over the ticket. We receive no commission to recommend him nor do we add a service charge of our own. We like to support him as he is a local agency and he does an excellent job with excellent prices.

We’ve also put together our own informal guide to taking the Trans-Mongolian train. See below.

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