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The Real Mongolia - Inspiring Local Experiences

I'm Jess - the founder of Eternal Landscapes. Together with Turuu and our entirely Mongolian team, we provide local trips of discovery and exploration through Mongolia.

What makes us different? Our size. We’re small. We offer freedom and flexibility and bring a touch of individuality to our trips. Our belief in promoting a more responsible and sustainable travel approach makes us different too - putting local people and their communities and environment at the centre of each itinerary. We make sure your Mongolia experience benefits everyone involved - leading to a more positive and personal style of holiday for you.

As a team (I am the only westerner) we research, design and operate all aspects of the holidays we offer. We work independently and not through any agency or representative of another company. We are also a registered Mongolian company.

It won’t all go according to plan. It can’t. It’s Mongolia. A country the size of western Europe with a basic infrastructure. It’s challenging for the locals and will challenge you as well. But. Bring your spirit of adventure. Ditch your watch. Be prepared to face irritations and frustrations. Embrace the weather.

Come and experience the vast ‘eternal’ landscapes, the way the locals make their life in this harsh terrain, and the impact all of this has on your daily life. It will restore your sense of the earth’s immensity and your place in it. We look forward to welcoming you.

'It's an extremely difficult balancing act to offer tourists an 'authentic' yet 'entertaining' experience but I think you did very well. We never felt like we were imposing or getting in the way. In a way, it felt more like were visiting friends of friends.'

Diarmuid Carter, Private / Tailor Made Tour, July 2017

'Thank you and your team for everything you've done for us, I sincerely appreciate your efforts and feel lucky to have known you all. Keep it up.'

Eirini Sperelaki, Small group tour, July 2017

What our guests say…
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Responsible Travel

Responsible, sustainable or ethical travel - in recent years, it has developed many labels and is now a widely-used selling tool in the tourism industry. But, what does it mean? Although there is no real clear definition, it has to be more than ensuring that we collect all of our rubbish, asking before taking a photograph or being aware of the cultural norms. That’s what we should be automatically doing anyway.

This is about our responsibility to Mongolia. Travel can, and should be, a positive experience for both you, the visitor, and for Mongolia – its natural environment, people, culture and traditions. I believe that travel has to be beneficial to all concerned. That for me is responsible travel.

Who We Are

We’re a small business and because we don’t try to be all things to all people this means we offer trips where you’re one of few rather than one of many.

Each trip is designed to provide you with a more individual style of travel and to give you a feeling of freedom and independence.

We operate all aspects of the business ourselves - working in this way allows us to stay in touch with the ‘real’ Mongolia and we share this local knowledge with you whilst on the road. This local knowledge and our genuine love for Mongolia is at the heart of each of our journeys.

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We have a range of offers on specific trips.  Look at our special offers page for more specific details on individual tours.

August 2017 Newsletter

In the latest newsletter - details on our ​urban street art tours'.

To keep up to date, look at our other newsletters, our blog or even our special offers!

No tight schedules. No ‘tick it off the list’ travel. Just freedom to explore and discover.

Image by our guest Egon Filter, Untamed Mongolia small group adventure

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