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We’re not motivated by profit or by trying to be number one on TripAdvisor. We are motivated by our commitment  to making a positive difference in Mongolia. We’re a small and personal Mongolian registered company and social travel enterprise driven by a set of ethics and values including tourism that doesn’t harm the liveability of Mongolia. We form long-term local community partnerships throughout the country with a network of Mongolians and local Mongolian projects – representing all spectrums of society. Our Mongolia trips and experiences are put together in a way which benefits and supports each family and project, rather than disrupting their work. We also use these partnerships to help break down the typical tourism stereotypes and clichés of Mongolia.  As part of our philosophy of making a difference, we don’t employ those considered the best by other companies. Instead, we want to show that everyone has great potential and so we invest – providing a free training and support programme and creating employment opportunities to Mongolians that want the opportunity to work in tourism and who want to aim to be the best they can be. We invite you to be part of this bigger travel philosophy.

Experience Mongolia With Us

Three videos created by our guests showcasing experiences created by us.

‘Under A Mongolian Sky’ – living alongside the Kazakh eagle hunters we work in long-term local community partnership with.

Travel through Mongolia’s Darkhad Depression – where the Darkhad and the Tsaatan reindeer herders make their home.

We promote low season travel. These are the landscapes of the central heartland and northern Mongolia captured in April.

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We promote low season travel. It's a more sustainable approach ... (1)

We don't follow the typical stereotypes of a tour company - we have nothing to do with 'big groups', 'must sees' or 'all inclusive packages'. Instead, the vast ‘eternal landscapes’ of Mongolia and the broader context within which Mongolians live their lives within those landscapes runs deep through everything we do. If you're looking to experience the real Mongolia as the locals live it then welcome to the community that is EL. True, Mongolia can challenge as much as it beguiles & we ask you to be prepared to face the same irritations and frustrations as the locals do. But if you do, you'll fall in love with the immensity that is Mongolia. Explore our website for our Mongolia tours, ideas and inspiration. Don't see what you're looking for? Just contact Jess by email or phone. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our Mongolia Trips And Holidays

  • 'It remains a stand out adventure - remote, free and with great interaction with the environment and the people. A true adventure, unlike any other. And it was possible thanks to the special way you built EL and tailored our trip. It could easily be much less interesting without your deep relationships with the herders and families.  So thank you for making it a real Mongolian exploration and not just a hover above the surface.'

    Ben Kidron and family, Israel, Wild Family Explorer Winter, (link)
    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link) 
  • "In terms of experiencing Mongolia we did right to go with EL. We got to experience some of Mongolian life and not just see Mongolia from the “comfort” of our car. We weren’t so much tourists but rather more like friends of friends. So well done and thank you for getting the tour just right for us."

    Maria Seele, South Africa, Mongolia Tailor Made Experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link) 
  • "You listened to what we wanted. You showed that you listened to us and have gone that extra mile for us – things that you don’t get on other tours. From an organisational perspective everything was excellent – great itinerary, built in flexibility, elements of surprise, relaxing, informative and enjoyable." 

    Paul Williams and Mandy Wong, UK and Australia, Tailor Made Experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "The flexibility of it all makes it a refreshing trip, creating memorable experiences. It was a truly good way to travel. Honest, sincere, reliable and you deliver."

    Hui Wyn Ong and Hui Li Lim, Singapore, Mongolia Horse Trekking Experience  (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "The caring for us, the locals and the environment is not something we see a lot of. A lot of times the caring to locals is a low priority, if at all. Sometimes all the company cares about is the profits and the will to satisfy the clients beats the locals. In our trip we found a unique combination where all parties are taken care of in a perfect way."

    Sagi Bar Or, Israel, Mongolia Trekking Experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "You organised and delivered a fantastic mix of trips. Who’d have thought Mongolia could offer such a mix over winter? A wonderful trip. Your vision and offerings are both laudable and outstanding and a reflection of your values."

    Viv and Pete McWaters, Australia, Extended Mongolia winter experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)


  • "I would recommend EL without hesitation. The values of the company. The staff. The product. The care. The itineraries. All excellent."

    Jane McNab, Australia, Mongolia trekking experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "From the start, I've been very impressed with the honesty and the quality of the information. It was very clear what this travel experience would not be, and what it would try to be (without any guarantees and thus false promises). It felt very personal. The approach to travelling was refreshing and I really appreciated it: showing the ‘real’ Mongolia, without any pretence."

    Sophie Van der Hert, The Netherlands, small group tour (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • 'Why did I choose this company?.... Because for me they have ethics and policies that support the people and the country as well as making sure that you get what you want. Nothing was too much trouble and transparency and clarity were paramount.'

    Lesley Jackson, Australia, Private/ Tailor-made experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "Thank you and your team for everything you've done for us, I sincerely appreciate your efforts and feel lucky to have known you all. Keep it up."

    Eirini Sperelaki, Greece, Small group experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • 'It's an extremely difficult balancing act to offer tourists an 'authentic' yet 'entertaining' experience but I think you did very well. We never felt like we were imposing or getting in the way. In a way, it felt more like were visiting friends of friends.'

    Diarmuid Carter, Private / Tailor Made Experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "Keep at it have great things going. EL is right up there with my favourite small companies (the principals of which have become close friends)."

    Pat Blamey, Australia, Mongolia Winter tour  (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

  • "It honestly was a once in a lifetime trip. It was such a unique experience and learning experience. It was an incredible experience and everyone that was apart of the company made us feel welcomed like family."

     Rachel Hirsh, Hong Kong, Winter tour experience (link)

    Or, see our Tripadvisor reviews (link)

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