Mongolia One Day Tours

One day? What can you hope to experience in one day? Ditch the guidebook and the recommended highlights and come along and see. All our one-day experiences are private, flexible and fluid and designed to get you just that little bit closer to daily life and give you a more local aspect.

* Prices below are for non-EL guests. If you have already booked a longer trip with us then you’ll receive a reduction on the pricing detailed below.

Urban Explorations – Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar (UB – Red Hero) is a surprising mix. From its origins in the 18th Century as a nomadic city it as developed into a tough, modern and cosmopolitan city full of contrasts and extremes. UB maintains a strong Mongolian identity of its own and has a ‘frontier’ feel and vibrancy.  Why experience it? It is home to roughly 45% of Mongolia’s population and will give you an insight into their way of life, compared to that of the rural population.

Planning may not have been one of Ulaanbaatar’s strengths but it doesn’t mean that this is a city to quickly dismiss as not worth spending time in.

Our trip provides a way of getting in touch with the unique atmosphere and character of UB and with the local community. This day is not about museums or shopping or a list of temples – it’s about getting out and about and exploring and discovering – especially the contrasts that make this city so fascinating.

Travel by local transport, walk through some of UB’s typical neighbourhoods, see panoramic views of UB that put the city into perspective and enjoy eating with the locals in standard Mongolian eateries.

Spend a relaxed and informal day in the company of a resident of the city. We keep the itinerary fluid depending on the time of year and the weather but in essence it encompasses locations and activities of a typical UB citizen.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest        US$ 110 pp

• 2 Guests      US$   70 pp

• 3-4 Guests  US$   60 pp

• 5-6 Guests  US$   55 pp

Arranged through local organisation NomadInk whose mission is to share and educate the culture of urban art in Mongolia, you’ll spend roughly 3 hours exploring the street art scene in UB with some of Mongolia’s top street artists.

You’ll experience UB as a dynamic canvas – great for those that want to see UB beyond the guidebooks. As well as exploring different areas of the local neighbourhoods, you’ll get to understand the culture, the stories and the motivation behind the designs and how public art can benefit local communities.

You’ll even get to leave your own ‘tag.’

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest        US$  245 pp

• 2 Guests      US$ 135 pp

• 3-4 Guests  US$ 110 pp

• 5-6 Guests  US$   85 pp

* You’ll be accompanied by two of UB’s leading street artists and it include lunch in one of NomadInk’s favourite local eateries.

Night Time Experiences – Ulaanbaatar

Star Gazing – Khurel Togoot Observatory

Wrap up warm, stay up late and visit the Khurel Togoot Astronomical Observatory with its wonderful Russian architecture. The observatory is located at 1,620 metres above sea level – 15km from the centre of Ulaanbatar in Bogd Khan Mountain. The observatory magnifies the solar system by 250 times.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest        US$ 155 pp

• 2 Guests     US$ 95 pp

• 3-4 Guests  US$ 75 pp

• 5-6 Guests  US$ 65 pp

* Weather dependent!

As suggested to us by some of our solo travellers.

Ditch the guidebook and come and enjoy a drink or two in a couple of our favourite places. This is not about sitting down to a formal dinner or a first night welcome drink. Instead, experience the vibrancy of Ulaanbaatar through the eyes of EL team members that live in UB. This (approximate) 3 hour experience is informal, relaxed will allow you to connect with the local atmosphere.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest       US$ 100 pp

• 2 Guests    US$    55 pp

• 3-4 Guests US$   40 pp

• 5-6 Guests US$   35 pp

* Includes one free drink. None of the payment is profit. But, you might think ‘really? This must just for a drink?!’ … I make sure my team get home safely at the end of the evening and are paid for their time.

National Park Experiences

Khustain Nuruu & Gorkhi Terelj

Roughly 17% of Mongolia’s landmass has some form of environmental protection. A short drive of under 100km outside of Ulaanbaatar will give vast landscapes and an opportunity to discover the wild essence of two of Mongolia’s protected areas. Head west to Khustain Nuruu and learn more about the Takhi horses.  Alternatively, head east to Gorkhi-Terelj and experience the lives of modern 21st Century nomads.

Read a guidebook and you will see it recommends visiting Khustain at sunrise and sunset. Why? This is the key time to see the wild horses. However, it’s also peak visiting time and you compete with large tour groups and vehicle dust.

So. We approach things a little differently.

Depart UB early and spend the day experiencing panoramic views, sand dunes, archaeology, wildlife and a great picnic lunch.

Takhi horse (Przewalski horse – Equus przewalskii) are the only wild horse to survive in modern times. The Mongolian Government declared Khustain National Park as a Specially Protected Area in 1993, one year after the initiation of the reintroduction of Takhi to Khustain.

Khustain is one of Mongolia’s conservation success stories and this brief day may help to provide you with a better understanding of the biodiversity of Khustain – its people, landscapes and wildlife in the area.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest       US$ 210 pp

• 2 Guests    US$ 145 pp

• 3-4 Guests US$ 125 pp

• 5-6 Guests US$   95 pp

‘We were able to have a genuine experience in a very short time. I didn’t think we would be able to see so much and experience so much culture in literally a day.’ Joe.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park covers an area of 2,864 square kilometres and is characterised by undulating hills, rock formations and a network of streams and river valleys. Although the national park is well developed for the tourism industry, our one-day exploration will give you a different perspective.

We use the home of Naraa and Bujee – a herding family that we work with closely for our base. In the summer they are located close to the Terelj River in an area of gentle natural beauty.

We keep the day flexible as everyone is different in their requests but come and enjoy the freedom of the open road, rejuvenate your spirit of adventure and escape the pressures of the western world as well as experiencing a typical ‘day in the life of’ a modern-day herder.

And to round off the day, visit the impressive Tsonjin Boldog (Chinggis Khan Statue) for it’s spectacular views

out over the Tuul River Valley.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest       US$ 265 pp

• 2 Guests     US$ 150 pp

• 3-4 Guests US$ 110 pp

• 5-6 Guests US$ 105 pp

Does not include horse trekking as not everyone wants to trek. However, it’s easy for us to arrange and costs

from 15,000 MNT per hour. Option also for bike hire – just ask for details.

Get Creative

So. You’re a nomad. By nature of your lifestyle, you can’t own too many possessions. Instead, the ones you do own you decorate.

 Traditional skills such as embroidery and felt making are still prevalent in 21st Century Mongolia and for those interested, offer a very enjoyable way to spend a day.

‘My personal highlight was working with Erdenetsetseg. So friendly and passionate about what she does…a fantastic teacher! It was lovely to be welcomed into her home and to learn all about Mongolian felting as well as get to try out some of the methods myself. Absolutely loved doing the workshop with her. Hopefully I can come back to UB and spend some time with her again as I feel she has so much to teach.’ Emma

Our felt workshops are with B. Erdenetsetseg – a retired Associate Professor and member of the International Feltmakers Association.

Held at her home here in UB, these workshops are informal and relaxed and designed to give you an insight into someone’s way of life in UB as well as a chance to practise this traditional art form.

The price includes lunch at Erdenetsetseg’s home and can include a cookery lesson for those interested.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest     US$ 130 pp

• 2 Guests     US$ 90 pp

• 3-4 Guests US$ 75 pp

• 5-6 Guests US$ 65 pp

For all day but shorter half-day experiences are possible.

Includes a payment of US$40 per person to Erdenetsetseg. Also, lunch and the services one of the EL team to help with translation!

‘It was amazing to meet Selenge and all of the women at the quilting centre. It was a really inspiring experience to get to see the wonderful work they are doing there and learn all about the projects they are doing! They were incredibly welcoming and it was really great to spend some time there with them.’ Emma

The Mongolian Quilting Centre is known more formally as the New Way Life NGO – established in 2005 to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged and unemployed women. They are trained in the art of quilting, textiles and embroidery and use their skills to generate income for their families by crafting products to sell.

As well as making everyday items such as tote bags and tablecloths, the central also create individual pieces of fabric artwork made from discarded and recycled material such as their stunning wall hangings.  And this is what you will be making.

You’ll spend the day at the centre and workshop working alongside some of the women supported by the NGO. It will be an informal insight into the workings of a small NGO as well as a way to meet local people and be part of their ideas and fears. You’ll also come away with a fantastic Mongolian style wall hanging.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest      US$ 155 pp

• 2 Guests     US$ 115 pp

• 3-4 Guests  US$ 95 pp

• 5-6 Guests  US$ 90 pp

For all day but shorter half-day experiences are possible.

Includes a donation of 100,000 MNT per person to the centre. Also, lunch and the services one of the EL team to help with translation!

Visit the home of Tomorkhuu Batmonkh a specialist bow and arrow maker in Ulaanbaatar. Batmonkh’s home is also his workshop and every surface of his home is dedicated to his skill. As soon as you enter his 3-room apartment in the Bayangol District, his love for this profession is evident.

As a visitor, not only do you get to see Batmonkh’s craftsmanship, you’ll also get an informal history lesson as he tells you about the development of the bow and arrow in Mongolia. So enthusiastic is he about his profession that it has become a family affair – with all family members involved and his son following in his footsteps.

Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch.

• 1 Guest       US$ 65 pp

• 2 Guests     US$ 40 pp

• 3-4 Guests US$ 30 pp

• 5-6 Guests US$ 25 pp

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