Mongolia One Day Tours

Discover the essence of Mongolia through our one-day tours. Despite the vastness of the country, our experiences are characterised by privacy, flexibility, and adaptability, offering an immersive local perspective that ensures an authentic and genuine encounter with this extraordinary land, one day at a time.

Our commitment extends beyond exploration; it’s about making a real impact in the communities we engage with. We eschew typical tourist experiences in favour of authentic encounters that leave a meaningful imprint. With each one-day tour, we reinvest in the projects and communities we’ve built long-term partnerships with, placing them at the core of every experience.

Every aspect of our Mongolia one day tours is crafted to ensure that both you as our guest and our partnering communities derive meaningful benefits from the shared experience.

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Experiences In Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar, affectionately known as UB, embodies a fusion of Eastern and Western influences. Emerging from its nomadic roots in the 18th century, it has developed into tough, modern city full of contrasts and complexities.

Although most travellers are understandably eager to venture into Mongolia’s vast open spaces, Ulaanbaatar, home to roughly half of the country’s population, shouldn’t be overlooked. Despite its urban environment, UB proudly maintains a unique Mongolian identity of its own, characterised by its frontier spirit and dynamic energy.

The fusion of tradition and modernity in UB makes it a captivating destination in its own right. Our Ulaanbaatar one-day tours provide an opportunity to engage with the people who call this city home, offering a deeper understanding of its culture and way of life.

Aerial Photograph of Ulaanbaatar

Archery Workshop and Training

In Partnership with Tomorhuu Batmonkh

 Urban Lives

In Partnership With Ger Hub

Cookery Class

In Partnership With Asral NGO

Get Creative - Felting and Quilting Options

Imagine being a herder in Mongolia. Your lifestyle demands mobility, limiting your possessions to only the essentials as you migrate at least once a year. Yet, what you do own is adorned with exquisite craftsmanship. In a culture where traditional skills like embroidery, quilting, and felting thrive even in the 21st century, every item becomes a canvas for artistic expression.

For those intrigued by these age-old crafts, our creative Mongolia one-day tours provide a delightful opportunity to delve into the artistry behind them. Set in Ulaanbaatar, these tours offer an enriching experience where you can learn directly from local projects dedicated to supporting some of Mongolia’s most marginalised communities. Join us for a memorable journey where creativity meets cultural heritage and compassion.

One Day Felt Making Workshop

In Partnership With Asral NGO

One Day Quilting Workshop

With the Mongolian Quilting Centre

Close To Ulaanbaatar

In Mongolia, there are some remarkable Mongolian people working hard to protect Mongolia’s cultural, environmental and historical heritage. The following Mongolia one day tour experiences allow you to spend a day with such people – leaders in their field and deeply passionate about their work and Mongolia.

See The Wild Horses With A Ranger

Mountain biking through Khustain Nuruu National Park

 Day With An Archaeologist

In partnership with Mongolian archaeologist Erdene Ochir Nasan Ochir

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