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One day? What can you hope to experience on just a one day tour in Mongolia – a country the size of western Europe? Ditch the guidebook and the recommended highlights and come along and join us on one of our Mongolia one-day tours. All our Mongolia one-day trips are private, flexible, and fluid and designed to get you just that little bit closer to daily life and give you a more local perspective.

If your final decision is based on budget then yes, you will find cheaper tours. But, our one-day tours do not make us a profit. However, they do put monetary support back into the local community and if you’re looking for a genuine experience that puts you in touch with the real 21st Century Mongolia then do consider us.

* If you’re an EL guest then you’ll receive a reduction on the pricing detailed below.

Ulaanbaatar City Tours

Ulaanbaatar (UB – Red Hero) is surprising mix of east meets west. From its origins in the 18th Century as a nomadic city it as developed into a tough, modern and cosmopolitan city full of contrasts and extremes. UB maintains a strong Mongolian identity of its own and has a ‘frontier’ feel and vibrancy. It is home to roughly 45% of Mongolia’s population and offers a great mix of one-day experiences.

Archery Workshop and Training

UB Urban Explorer

Cookery Class

Get Creative - Felting and Quilting Options

So. You’re a herder. By nature of your lifestyle, you can’t own too many possessions as you migrate at least once a year. Instead, the possessions you do own you decorate. Traditional skills such as felt making are still prevalent in 21st Century Mongolia and for those interested, we offer a very enjoyable way to spend time here in UB learning the art behind them.

One-Day Felt Making Workshop

One Day Quilting Workshop

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