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We offer Mongolia experiences rather than tours and provide you with freedom and flexibility as well as a genuine and personal introduction to the real Mongolia – a Mongolia that we live and are based in.

We’re not a ‘world specialist.’ We concentrate on the country we know and love – Mongolia. We are proudly independent and on all of our range of Mongolia tours and experiences we do all our own research, drive the distances, speak to the local communities, build the contacts, design and then run the experience. We do not source our itineraries from other agents. There are no ‘big groups’, ‘must-sees’ or ‘all-inclusive packages.’ Nor is there tight schedules, highlights or tick it off the list travel.

Unlike most companies, we only offer a selected number of departures throughout the year as this keeps our experiences fresh and original. It also means that we don’t create a ‘tourist circuit’, spoiling an untouched region.

Yes, on our Mongolia tailor-made tours we can provide the ‘highlights’ but the ideas below will take you a more under the surface. Rather than tick-list travel, we focus on slow travel – on making connections with people, places and the culture. Because of the way we work no two trips are ever the same. Rather than a standard itinerary, you’ll get an original insider experience.

Here in Mongolia, tourism companies continue to perpetuate the stereotypes of it as a country full of nomads in an untouched land where life hasn’t changed since the time of Chinggis Khan. But, modern Mongolia is a diverse and dynamic country that deserves to be explored beyond its clichés and stereotypes.

A new national identity is being forged in Mongolia as part of our globalised world and there is a drive for modernity. The Mongolian flag itself represents progress and prosperity, and Mongolia is a country of aspiration and ambition. However, change and adaptation have long been a part of Mongolian culture and there remains a strong sense of a national identity and western influences blend with Mongolia’s unique cultural heritage creating something new but proudly Mongolian.

As a company we’re working on ditching the stereotypes and clichés used in tourism in Mongolia and instead looking at ways we can showcase the country as it actually is in the 21st Century  – a country that can delight, challenge and surprise.

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