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Experience Mongolia through the eyes of those who live there with Eternal Landscapes. … our flexible eGift Cards help provide the means to do so.

Eternal Landscapes Mongolia Gift Card

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  • Flexible amount to suit your budget (minimum of £25 to maximum £500).
  • No expiry date – the value does not expire.
  • Choose from one of our free online Mongolia guides written by Jess. We can email it to you or someone else.
  • Online payment platform using industry-leading security and encryption.
  • Vouchers can be replaced (i.e. if lost, stolen or destroyed) provided they have not been used. Just email Jess.
  • Our Mongolia eGift Cards are in GBP but can be used against payment of an EL experience in any currency. We use for exchange.
  • Our Mongolia eGift Cards can be used as full or part payment against an EL experience including our one-day tours. They cannot be used for services such as Trans-Mongolian train tickets or Ulaanbaatar accommodation.
  • Only one card/code can be used per booking.
  • Our eGift Cards can be replaced (i.e. if lost, stolen or destroyed) provided they have not been used. Just email Jess.
  • They are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and may not be applied retrospectively.
  • They can be used against multiple bookings.
  • Any refund associated with your booking will be in a gift card, to the extent that the card was used to pay.
  • They cannot be exchanged for cash or to purchase another gift card.
The EL Guide To Mongolian Proverbs & Stories
Mongolia’s literary heritage has been greatly influenced by its nomadic oral traditions. Enjoy learning about Mongolia’s stories, legends and proverbs in our PDF guide written by Jess.
The EL Guide to Mongolian culture
Enjoy learning about Mongolia’s culture in our PDF guide. Written by Jess, it includes an introduction to Buddhism in Mongolia, an introduction to Mongolia’s music scene as well as recommended books & films.
The EL Mongolian Recipe Guide
Written by Jess, our Mongolian recipe guide includes ‘how-to’ links including recipes to some of Mongolia’s most famous dishes.
The EL Mongolian Language Guide

Get to grips with the Mongolian language in our PDF guide written by Jess. It includes links to free online resources and to videos helping with pronunciation.

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