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Bring your sisters, your daughters, your mums, your grandmothers and your close female friends and join us for our Mongolia women only tour. Join this female only female led experience  where, unlike most female only experiences, we haven’t just replicated standard tour itineraries and just made them female only. Instead, for our Mongolia female only tour, we have designed this experience to allow you as a female traveller a unique opportunity to discover the challenges and lives of local women in Mongolia through a range of experiences.

As a female business owner, it is important to me to use my skills and influence to improve the prospects for other women. An integral part of our business philosophy is empowering women through travel and tourism and we do that by providing training, development and employment opportunities to Mongolian women that want the opportunity to work in tourism (whether that be for a professional reason, for development of personal skills or for economic empowerment). Our Mongolia female only tour experience will be led by one of our brilliant female Mongolian trip assistants (guides) providing you with a more personal introduction to Mongolia as you travel with someone who not only sincerely loves their home country but loves the moments that travel brings.

Experiencing Mongolia from a woman’s perspective will surprise you. Women in Mongolia typically enjoy equality with men and traditionally have had higher social status and greater autonomy than women in some other Asian countries. During this experience you’ll soon understand the breadth and depth of the careers and lives of women in Mongolia as you experience their daily lives side by side with them. This is the Mongolia they don’t cover in the guidebooks.

Ideas and Inspirations - Mongolia Women Only Tour

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Our Mongolia women-only tour is a tailor-made trip – designed to give you a refreshing and individual insight into Mongolia and the diversity of the way of life for its women in the 21st Century. It is customisable – giving you the freedom to build a unique and personal trip for your chosen dates. The linked PDF gives you an idea but we give you the flexibility to upgrade your accommodation for all – or just part – of your trip, slow down the pace with few extra nights here and there or add a few more active adventures along the way with mountain biking in the middle Gobi or trekking in western Mongolia. At each step of the experience you’ll be hosted by women that we work in long-term local community partnership with. These are our own personal friendships.

Or, learn more on our Mongolia female only tour experience blog post 

Meet Some Of The Mongolian Women We Work With

Meet some of the fantastic women that we are proud to work in long-term local community partnership with.

Meet Byamba

Meet Byamba Tseyen – the driving force behind the Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project located in Mongolia’s middle Gobi. Byamba is retired forest engineer and a dedicated local conservationist – leading the Gobi Oasis conservation project since 1975.

Meet Gaya

Since becoming a widow, Gaya has contined the business she set up with her husband – a small guesthouse in Kharkhorin. Although living through her own heartbreak she learnt English, business acumen and also the basic principles of construction to provide an income and stable base for her two daughters. She’s an inspirational woman.

Meet Aikerim

Actually, meet Ahgul and her six daughters – Ahjakar, Ardagul, Nargulan, Aigerim, Aijarin, Jakarke. This delightful family will be your hosts in the far reaches of western Mongolia as you spend time in the company of Aigerim and her sisters – some of the regions Kazakh eagle huntresses that are bucking traditions with their remarkable outlook on life.

Meet Our Trip Assistants

Eternal Landscapes Trip Assistants - Mongolia
We provide training and development opportunities to Mongolian women that other companies won’t take as they don’t fit the stereotype or have the professional qualifications. Learn more through the link but our female Mongolian trip assistants are dynamic women who are searching for an opportunity to train and develop and we provide that long-term opportunity – single mothers, teachers, linguists, herders – our female trip assistants cover a broad spectrum of Mongolian society.

Meet Jargaa

Jargaa owns and runs the Surtiin Eco Ger Camp at Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Having grown up in the region she is at the centre of this rural community and it is with her and the protected area rangers that we arrange our annual two-day community rubbish collection (see link).
Jargaa prepares all meals herself for her small business in her kitchen – with Jargaa cooking is an art form and the kitchen is at the centre of family life here as well as the business.

Meet Bujee

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Together with her husband Naraa, Bujee lives in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Staying at their accommodation provides a great insight into how herders are adapting – setting up micro businesses as a way of substituting their income. Although the domestic tasks of Bujee as a herder remain similar to centuries ago there is often sharing and mixing of responsibilities.

Meet Selenge

P5020021-1024x768 copy
Selenge Tserendash is the director of the Mongolian Quilting Centre. Selenge established the NGO in 2005 to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged and unemployed women based in Ulaanbaatar and in rural areas. This link will also take you to an interview I had with Selenge behind her motivation in setting up the NGO.

Meet Aisholpan

Yes, you probably do recognise Aisholpan – the focus of the film documentary The Eagle Huntress. However, what’s remarkable about this young woman is not that she is a film star but that she has been awarded a scholarship to Harvard (yes! Harvard). Her schooling is important to her future so we make sure our visits are at a time that doesn’t impose on her.

Meet Erdenetsetseg

B. Erdenetsetseg is a retired Associate Professor and member of the International Feltmakers Association. We offer an informal workshop at her home in Ulaanbaatar – designed to give you an insight into someone’s way of life in UB as well as a chance to practise this traditional art form.

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