Women Only & Female Only Tours in Mongolia

Invite your sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and close female friends to embark on one of our women-only tours of Mongolia. These tours are led by our passionate female Mongolian guides, who are not only deeply connected to their homeland but also love the experiences that only travel can bring. Designed specifically for women, these cultural adventures offer an intimate glimpse into the lives and challenges of local Mongolian women.

Through our established local community partnerships, you will engage in a variety of experiences that immerse you in Mongolian culture from a distinctly female perspective. This journey is more than just a trip; it’s a celebration of women’s strength and spirit, providing a personal and heartfelt introduction to Mongolia. Join us for a journey of discovery and camaraderie.

The Philosophy Behind Our Mongolia Female Only Tours Experience

A Google search for “solo female travel” yields over 206 million results as of November 2019, reflecting a growing interest in solo female travel experiences. Yet, our inspiration for launching a unique women-only tour of Mongolia transcends simply following trends. Our commitment extends deeper, as evidenced by our recognition as Gender Equality Champions of the Year by Equality in Tourism International, highlighting our long-term dedication rather than just meeting diversity quotas.

Unlike typical women-only tours that often retrofit standard itineraries for female travelers, we’ve designed a truly distinct experience. Our Mongolia women-only tour is specifically aimed at providing female travelers with a profound understanding of the challenges and lifestyles of local women, facilitated by enduring partnerships within the local community. This tour also offers a glimpse into the lives of the female members of our EL team through a range of unique experiences.

Our all-women team of guides, who do not come from professional tourism backgrounds, find immense professional and personal growth in hosting international women, enriching the travel experience with genuine, transformative interactions.

Explore Our Mongolia Women Only Tours

Ulaanbaatar: A Woman’s Perspective
3 Days

Mongolian women in our Mongolian female only tour
Ulaanbaatar: A Woman’s Perspective

Female Led Mongolian Conservation, Wildlife & Research Tour
July 20 | 12 Days

Showcasing A Few Our Partnerships With Mongolian Women

After her husband’s tragic accident, Darsuren, a devout Buddhist, relocated her family to the Amarbayasgalant Monastery, motivated by her desire for her middle son to receive an education as a boy monk, a path she believed would offer both spiritual guidance and future stability. While searching for accommodation near Amarbayasgalant in Mongolia, we sought a place that would allow our guests the freedom to explore the area independently, without the dependency on vehicles, and that operated year-round to also contribute to the local community’s economy. This search led us to Darsuren, who offers 2-3 gers as guest accommodations.

Selenge Tserendash, the director of the Mongolian Quilting Centre, founded this impactful NGO in 2005 with the mission to transform the lives of disadvantaged and unemployed women in Ulaanbaatar and rural areas. Discover more about her inspiring journey and the motivations behind her dedication to this cause. Follow this link for an exclusive interview with Selenge Tserendash, where she shares the powerful story behind the establishment of the Mongolian Quilting Centre.

Bujee, along with her husband Naraa, resides in the picturesque Gorkhi Terelj National Park. Staying at their accommodation offers a unique glimpse into how herders are evolving by establishing micro-businesses to supplement their income. While Bujee’s domestic tasks as a herder have remained consistent with those of past centuries, there is now a blending and sharing of responsibilities, reflecting modern adaptations to traditional lifestyles. Staying with Bujee not only provides insight into their daily lives but also demonstrates the innovative ways in which they are navigating economic changes.

Meet Byamba Tseyen, the inspiring force behind the Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project in Mongolia’s middle Gobi region. A retired forest engineer and passionate local conservationist, Byamba has been leading this vital conservation effort since 1975. Through her dedicated work, she has significantly contributed to the environmental health of the Gobi area, championing reforestation and sustainable practices to protect and rejuvenate the local ecosystem.

Jargaa owns and operates the Surtiin Eco Ger Camp at Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Growing up in the region, she is deeply embedded in the heart of this rural community. Together with Jargaa and the protected area rangers, we organize our annual two-day community rubbish collection event, aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the area.

Our Mongolia women-only tours are bespoke journeys designed to give you a deeper understanding of the diverse lifestyles of Mongolian women in the 21st century. These customisable tours allow you the freedom to design a unique and personal experience for your preferred dates. While the linked trips provide a starting point, we offer the flexibility to enhance your experience. Upgrade your accommodation for all or part of your trip, add extra nights to relax, or include more active adventures like mountain biking in the Middle Gobi or trekking in Western Mongolia.

Throughout your journey, you’ll be hosted by women with whom we have forged strong, long-term local community partnerships. These aren’t just professional connections; they are personal friendships that enrich our tours.

Experiencing Mongolia from a woman’s perspective is eye-opening. Mongolian women typically enjoy equal status with men and have historically held higher social positions and greater independence than women in many other Asian societies. This tour will allow you to witness firsthand the impressive range of careers and the rich lives of these women, sharing in their daily experiences. Discover the side of Mongolia that guidebooks don’t show, in a tour that promises not only insight but genuine connection.

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