Offering inspiring local journeys of discovery through the wild landscapes of Mongolia.
Reignite your love of travel and awaken your spirit of adventure on our small group and tailor made trips and trekking adventures.

We don’t have a brochure. We don’t really have an office. We certainly don’t have a call centre. But we do have a genuine desire to show you the Mongolia we know and love - a country of spectacular, raw natural beauty and sublime space that inspires adventure and exploration and provides the perfect antidote for the rush and crowds of everyday life elsewhere.

I work with ordinary Mongolians who have an extra-ordinary desire to show off their spectacular country to you. The people I work with are not necessarily trained professionals but local people with whom we have built genuine friendships. This means that we can offer adventures that provide a more local introduction as well as supporting the local communities you pass through.

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Yes, the amenities can at times be minimal, the weather challenging and the roads at times difficult but why not risk experiencing Mongolia as it should be experienced? After all, it is the time spent exploring the landscapes, meeting the locals and experiencing their way of life that creates the most uplifting and genuine experiences.

Enjoy exploring our web site for ideas on our holidays through Mongolia - what friends and clients have asked for and done, or what we have researched and know works! For more of an insight into our Mongolia why not explore our blog or even sign-up to our monthly newsletter? 

Please do get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to Mongolia!

Jess and the EL team

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