Who We Are

We call ourselves ‘manaikhan’ – ours or our people in Mongolian. Another word is family.

We’re more than just a standard corporate tour company focusing on profit. As a registered social travel enterprise, we look to make sure our work benefits Mongolia’s local projects, people and communities as much as it benefits our guests and us as a business. We’re a little different in we believe everyone is equal. That means our guests are equal to our Mongolina team who are equal to the extended Mongolians we work in long-term community partnership with. Respect is at the core of what we believe in and we see ourselves as part of the Mongolian communities we have been visiting and supporting since EL was created.

Our approach is not to run the business solely on the basis of a financial bottom line. Not only do we create Mongolian experiences that deliver something useful to the local communities we work with but we also consider the social equity of the people we employ.

We empower our team through our free seasonal training and development programme providing them with the opportunity to aim to be the best they can be and support them in their aim. We invest in their future and create long-term employment opportunities through the Mongolian experiences that we run. All members of our team all receive a fair and respectful salary as well as support. Our integrity (and reputation) is something we’re very proud of!

Members of the EL team
At the March Eagle Festival in Ulaanbaatar … hosting the Kazakh eagle hunters we work in long-term local community partnership with and a time for some training on Kazakh culture.
Members of the EL team
A low season team day. Low-season is when we invest the most time in our team by focusing on skills development – bringing opportunity to them & increasing the spread of our benefits earned as a business.
Eternal Landscapes team road trip
During 2020, Turuu and I arranged for our team of drivers and trip assistants to take a 14 day exploratory trip to eastern Mongolia. It felt the right thing to do – to invest in them & support them whilst their lives are on hold – whilst they wait for tourism to restart.
Eternal Landscapes sports day
Sports day … marking the end of the main season & the start of the winter training period. Complete with volleyball, darts & a three-legged race (!) & trophies. But this being Mongolia, of course, there was karaoke.

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