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Ulaanbaatar may have its challenges but it is the beating heart of modern Mongolia and the hub of contemporary Mongolian urban life. More than half of Ulaanbaatar’s residents live in the city’s semi-formal ger districts but the ger areas are not slums or suburbs but are the original form of Ulaanbaatar and have a strong Mongolian identity and a unique culture all of their own – a mix of traditional nomadic culture meets modern urbanism.

On our Urban Lives experience you’ll venture beyond the typical tourist trail. Instead, you’ll be hosted by local Mongolians who not only live and work in the ger districts but who are striving to develop and improve the area. Sharing their lives with you, by the end of the day you’ll understand the unique atmosphere and character of the ger district areas and that, although the area has challenges, it is also a place of rich culture, aspirations and ambitions,

We arrange our Urban Lives experience with two inspiring community-based initiatives that we work in long-term local community partnership with – both located in the ger districts – which means your visit as our guest has a positive impact on the community. Leave behind your expectations based on what you’ve read and watched. Instead, come with an open mind and be delighted and surprised.

Leather worker Mongolia
Ulzii of Uuliin Nuur Lake - Ulaanbaatar
Dairy products Mongolia

Extension to already booked EL experience

  • Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch. 
  • Experience length of approximately 6 hours including a local lunch


  • 1 Guest               US$  280 pp
  • 2 – 3 Guests       US$  165 pp
  • 4 Guests             US$  135 pp
  • 5   Guests           US$   115 pp
  • 6 Guests             US$   100 pp

As a short tour experience

  • Group Size – Minimum of one and maximum of six. For larger groups please get in touch. 
  • Experience length approximately 6 hours including a local lunch


  • 1 Guest                 US$ 315 pp
  • 2-3  Guests          US$ 185 pp
  • 4 Guests               US$ 155 pp
  • 5 Guests               US$ 135 pp
  • 6 Guests               US$ 120 pp
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