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February 16, 2024
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Unveiling Mongolia: Insights from our guests

Mongolia often holds a profound significance for those who have ventured there, offering experiences that are as diverse as they are captivating. Here, we present comments penned by some of our guests, sharing their unique perspectives and insights into their memorable journeys through Mongolia.

The Touchton Family

The Touchton family who we feature in our blog post 'insights on Mongolia'

The Touchton Family travelled with us on our Wild Family Explorer tailor-made Mongolia family holiday experience. Their experience focused on the Gobi Desert and the National Naadam Festival in Ulaanbaatar.

‘We all fell in love with Mongolia. The trip was authentic, and that is what Iwanted. I look for a company that ‘gets’ me and understands how I want to travel – not a canned approach. It was very personalised – I appreciate your willingness to adjust to our needs.’

Brittany Zeller Holland 

The Zeller Holland family who we feature in our blog post 'insights on Mongolia'
Travelled with her husband on one of our private Essence of Mongolia tailor made tours – through the Gobi Desert and the Khangai Mountains.

‘What impressed me most about Mongolia was the endurance of the people and their kindness. The things that surrounded us – ger interiors, temples and skies were vibrant and full of life.’

Deborah Liao

Travelled with us on one of our small group ‘seasonal insight’ trips (April). The trip focused on northern Mongolia, the Orkhon River Valley, and the middle Gobi.

‘The sky is so big, the vistas so vast, and so few people live in Mongolia per square mile. It’s just amazing. It’s just amazing how mile after mile can reveal huge expanses of plains and mountains for miles on end. I have never been able to look out across that much open land in my life.’

Lynn McCaw

EL guest Lyn McCaw who wrote about Mongolia in our blog post 'insights about Mongolia'


Travelled with us on one of our Mongolia small group tours – our 23-day Untamed Mongolia.

‘And do avoid the corporately owned ‘tourist ger camps which is where most tour groups end up. They are ghettos with rigid rules, poor quality or phoney ger accommodation, and where you will end up listening to fellow westerners talking about their mortgages or about how they are going to “do” Bhutan next.’

Sovay Berriman

Camel trek at Khongoryn Els sand dunes in our blog posts 'insights about Mongolia'
Joined us on our Wild Gobi Mongolia Research trip which included a five-day camel trek at Khongoryn Els sand dunes.

‘The dunes of Khongoryn Els sweep up against Zöölön Uul, a mountain range that is at the easterly reach of the Gobi Altai. You could say the dunes were a mountain range themselves. They are mammoth, the highest peak of sand being approximately 300m. They present the stereotypical beauty I think of in relation to a desert; sweeping lines and sharp contrasting forms lit by an unforgiving sun. There is certainly a beauty here, however, it is the gravel plains of the Gobi that stop my heart and leave my mind gaping in painful awe.’

Megan Greentree

Joined the same trip as Sovay above.

‘The Gobi will make you question everything you thought you knew about the desert. It will strip the layers of expectation, familiarity and ‘seen it all before’ mentality from the harshest of critics. No longer will you compartmentalise landscapes into preconceived boxes. The remoteness lends itself to a sense of freedom and unconscious ownership. Just when you feel an element of power over the landscape, mother earth will remind you of your perilous position in the world.’

Danielle Warmuth

Danielle travelled together with her family including her son who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome. They joined us for a short exploration of the Central Heartland – combining the trip with the Trans-Mongolian train.

‘…here is the memory of the scenery. Looking out the van window one catches an occasional glimpse of a round white Ger, a leisurely grazing camel, or a lone nomadic horseman carrying an urga – a circle of rope attached to a long pole for lassoing animals. To say that I loved the freedom of the sprawling expanse of Mongolia would be an understatement.’

Read more about her impressions of Mongolia here.

Ross Briggs

Sunset at Khar Nuur in Zavkhan Province in our blog post about insights about Mongolia


Ross joined us three extended times in Mongolia and covered a wide range of experiences including Tsagaan Sar – Mongolian Lunar New Year, an extended Khovsgol trek, twice to the Altai, and also accompanying us on our annual rubbish clean-up.
‘Otgon Tenger Uul would have to be my most memorable cultural experience.  Seeing the reverence Turuu  showed to the mountain and lake, taking part in the lake water ritual, knowing, seeing and experiencing the significance of the area made it a very special day.’
Read more about his impressions of Mongolia here.


Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
I'm Jess Brooks, the founder of Eternal Landscapes Mongolia and the voice behind EL's blog posts. For more than a decade, since 2006, I've been based in Mongolia, working closely with my beloved Mongolian team to advocate for a tourism approach that brings about positive change.. What sets our blog apart is our deep understanding of Mongolia—our home. Unlike content from influencers or creators, our posts prioritise authenticity and firsthand knowledge as guiding principles.
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