The Fearless Furgon! – Mongolia’s Ultimate Tour Vehicle – Tuesday’s Snapshots

Landscapes of the East – Through The Eyes Of One Of Our Guests
November 1, 2013
Mongolia’s Sacred Stone Ovoos
November 12, 2013
Tuesday’s Snapshots – highlighting images from the EL team and our guests based on a Mongolia theme. This week…introducing the ‘Fearless Furgon.’ Oh how I love this vehicle.

Also known as UAZ (УАЗ) –  an initialism for ‘Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod’ which translates to “Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant” (based in UlyanovskRussia, the UAZ factory started production in 1941 as part of the Soviet war effort).
‘Love the Furgon’ – en-route to northern Mongolia for a horse trek to the Tsaatan
 The Furgon/UAZ is produced in several modifications, with the main difference being the body type – the exact configuration varies depending on the specific modification. There are two separate fuel tanks.
One of the main reasons we love the UAZ is its deliberately simple design, which allows for easy maintenance and repairs. 

The Furgon/UAZ has reached legendary status thanks to its reputation as a very reliable and capable 4×4 with impressive off-road capability (and our EL tours certainly test that off-road capability!).

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