Summer In Mongolia – What To Expect

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July 22, 2013
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August 2, 2013

Read about Mongolia and for almost certain, the weather / climate will be mentioned. As we prepare to welcome a trekking group and are hoping for blue sky days, just what can you expect from a summer trip to Mongolia? 

Blue Sky Treks
Summer is one of the busiest times of year for Mongolian herding families. In July and August, summer rains bring fresh grass growth and livestock are moved looking for the rich summer pasture so they can fatten, enabling them to survive the harsh winter. Summer is also known as the White Season due the processing of the livestock’s milk into other dairy products such as airag (fermented mare’s milk), orom (clotted cream) and aruul (hard cheese).

When it does rain I always ask our guests to see it from the perspective of a Mongolian herder – rain is a blessing as it helps to rejuvenate the grasslands and bring fresh rich pasture.

Turuu and I recently travelled with the Touchton family to the Gobi on their Wild Family Explorer. The father asked us on the last day how I felt they had packed for their trip.  The problem is that you have to be prepared to bring everything or at least be prepared to purchase on route anything that you suddenly require – from a large sunhat to thermals or wellington boots. He had forgotten his waterproof, so I happily leant him mine – a Russian chemical warfare coat beloved herders out on the steppe.

For those planning on coming to Mongolia, I recommend the  Weather Wunderground website – I provide a link to it in our Pre-Departure Guidelines so clients can analyse the weather in Mongolia prior to their arrival.  However, whatever the weather, these short summer nights make this a truly perfect time of year for exploring the stunning natural environment, the incredible landscapes and for witnessing summer on the steppe – even if it does sometimes come in wet.

We’re looking forward to some blue sky days at Khovsgol!
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