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Small Groups Tours To Mongolia

We believe the best things in life come in small packages, so if you’re looking to explore and experience everything Mongolia has to offer then what better way than with a small set of friends, family or travel companions on one of our small group tours to Mongolia?

Our small group tours  to Mongolia are limited to a maximum of four to six people, depending on the style of the trip. Why so small? Limiting the impact that our tours and trips have on the local culture and environment is vitally important to us; we’re a registered Mongolian company, so a key part of our ethos and approach is to help support the local economy and people, whilst making sure that we leave this incredible land in the way we found it.

It also means that our trips can be as flexible as possible – one of the key benefits of travelling with an independent provider like ourselves.

Booking on your own?

Don’t worry. Our minimum departure is two so for our small group tours to Mongolia so there’s more guarantee of a confirmed departure. We find that some of the people that join us on our small group tours keep in touch and and share memories they’ve made long after they return to their homes.

We’ve included a whole host of experiences you can enjoy on our Small Group Tours page to get your imagination and excitement levels up, but to give you a little snapshot of what you could experience when you join us on one of our upcoming small group tours, here’s just a few of the highlights…

A camel trek can be part of our small group tours to Mongolia

Gobi and Camel Festival – October to March

Mongolia has a diversity of festivals that take place throughout the year – some are even world famous. The Thousand Camel Festival is undoubtedly one of the best known of all. The majority of visitors will get there by plane, but at Eternal Landscapes we do things a little differently.

We know that by travelling this way you’re missing out on so much, so when you join us you’ll not only get to enjoy the festival but also be able to get your teeth stuck into a number of experiences before that will give you an immersive and unique understanding of the country before eventually arriving at the Camel Festival.

Whether it’s a visit to the Gobi Oasis Tree planting visit, a free city walking tour or taking in the Gobi Gurvan Sakhan National Park, you’ll have a journey you’re likely to never forget.

On this tour you’ll also travel across two of the Gobi’s six provinces – Middle (Dudgobi) and Southern (Omnogobi). The itinerary is designed so you can experience the diversity of the Gobi, witness its extremes, vast gravel plains, sand dunes, mountains and gorges, before arriving at the Thousand Camel Festival. You can find out more here.

One of our Furgon vans that we use during our small group tours to Mongolia

Modern Nomads – May

This option out of our small group tours to Mongolia focuses on the the rural way of life and is designed to give you an insight into how the different families across the country live their daily lives. You’ll be accommodated in to their way of life; nothing is contrived or altered.

We work with a range of different Mongolian families, some of which are nomadic and can move as many as six to eight times a year, whilst others are retired with just a small number of livestock.

You’ll be given an overview of the three distinct eco regions in the country – the desert, the mountains and the steppe, as well as the people living in each of them.

Because nothing is planned, anything can happen, so this tour is for those that want to really experience the way of life in Mongolia and get hands-on with some of the daily tasks at the same time!

We work closely with a number of Kazakh eagle hunters such as Bashakhan in this image - taken during one of our small group tours to Mongolia

We work closely with a number of Kazakh eagle hunters – Kazakh families we have personally built up relationships with over the past 12 years. We use no agents or tour operators – we work directly with all the families as this leads to a more personal insight for you as our guest.

Altai & Eagles Sagsai – September

During this experience you’ll be hosted by some of the region’s most experienced and respected Kazakh hunters, learning skills and history from them as well as exploring the stark yet beautiful landscapes of Mongolia’s Altai.

The Kazakhs are Mongolia’s largest ethnic group, and a percentage are eagle hunters, typically hunting with female golden eagles. You’ll spend time living alongside a hunter and his family witnessing their daily lives and the preparations for the Eagle Festival, which you’ll attend. The festival provides you with a wealth of cultural experience as you mix in the company of small town folk, nomads and the Kazakh hunters.

We’re able to tailor our tours to suit your preferences, and as a team team we research, design and operate all aspects of the holidays we offer, working with what Mongolia already offers. This all contributes to the beauty of how we work. Please get in touch for more information.

Jess @ Eternal Landscapes.

Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
I'm Jess Brooks, the founder of Eternal Landscapes Mongolia and the voice behind EL's blog posts. For more than a decade, since 2006, I've been based in Mongolia, working closely with my beloved Mongolian team to advocate for a tourism approach that brings about positive change.. What sets our blog apart is our deep understanding of Mongolia—our home. Unlike content from influencers or creators, our posts prioritise authenticity and firsthand knowledge as guiding principles.
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