Small Group Adventures in Mongolia – Tuesday’s Snapshot

Slowly Westward! – 2013 Wild Treks Research Trip
December 9, 2013
This Is Us 2013! – The Eternal Landscapes Team
December 13, 2013
Tuesday’s Snapshots – highlighting images from the EL team and our guests based on a Mongolia theme. This week…introducing our June small-group adventure with Sarah, Stacey and Alison – Untamed Mongolia

Clearing up Dungene Am in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park in the southern Gobi. Doing our bit  for World Environment Day. (Helping to clean up the natural environment is
 an integral part of our responsible travel philosophy)
Our home at Khustain Nuruu National Park – Tov Aimag. Sublime space!

Another one of our homes with a view at sacred Lake Khovsgol in northern Mongolia.
It is truly stunning!
Camping alongside the Toin River close to the small community of Jargalant in northern Mongolia.
 These two delightful children joined us at our camp
Twister at Khongoryn Els ( Mongolia’s highest sand dunes known as the singing sands)
on a stormy night – wonderful fun!

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