Sunset over Buir Nuur in Dornod Aimag - Mongolia's eastern most province.
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February 1, 2024
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Proud Mongols With Our Trip Assistants

“Young Mongols, Forging Democracy In The Wild, Wild East” by Aubrey Menard has been part of our suggested Mongolian reading list since it was published. This compelling and inclusive book provides readers with invaluable insights into contemporary Mongolia by highlighting the stories of young leaders who are committed to shaping a more democratic and progressive nation. You can find more information about the book at

‘Its intersectional perspective explores the complexity of Mongolia today: the urban planning and pollution issues that plague the capital city of Ulaanbaatar; the struggles of women, the LGBTQIA+ population, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities to claim their equitable places in society; the challenge of providing education in the world’s least densely-populated country to prepare the workforce of tomorrow; and how to fairly divide the spoils of the country’s vast mineral resource wealth.

This rising generation of Mongolians is already wielding real power and shaping their country’s future. Their work will determine whether the country is able to overcome its development and democratization challenges, its relationship to the world, and who the winners (and losers) will be in Mongolian society.’

The anniversary of Chinggis Khan’s birthday is acknowledged in Mongolia as National Pride Day. On this date, the author of Young Mongols initiated the #proudmongols series, encouraging individuals to share why they are proud to be Mongolian. Inspired by this, we also asked our female team of trip assistants why they take pride in their Mongolian heritage, and their responses have been great.

Trip Assistant Amaraa

  • Amaraa, originally from Bayankhongor Province, is a devoted mother of three who holds qualifications as both a Mongolian and English teacher. She currently resides in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. Amaraa’s motivation is rooted in her desire for her children to receive a quality education and grow into compassionate individuals.

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Amaraa

Trip Assistant Zumbee

  • Zumbee perfectly embodies the fundamental philosophy of Eternal Landscapes. Originally hailing from a herding family in Dungobi Aimag in Mongolia’s Middle Gobi region, Zumbee later moved to Ulaanbaatar to pursue her university education with the goal of becoming a General Practitioner (GP). However, her decision to engage in the tourism sector was not solely motivated by the need for financial support during her studies. It was also driven by her aspiration to broaden her horizons, develop essential life skills, and create better opportunities for herself through her involvement in tourism. Following her graduation, Zumbee embarked on a new chapter in her life by relocating to Sydney, Australia, where she continues to pursue her dreams and further her personal and professional growth.

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Zumbee

Trip Assistant Pujee

  • Pujee, who is both a qualified teacher and lawyer, is originally from Khovd Province in western Mongolia, where she currently resides with her young son. While she possesses a modern perspective, Pujee’s early upbringing in the countryside alongside her grandmother until the age of 12 has instilled in her a deep understanding of Mongolia’s traditional way of life. Her multifaceted background and ambitions serve as a testament to her rich cultural heritage.
  • You can learn more about our Pujee and how she has developed a love of trekking through her work with EL here

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Pujee


Trip Assistant Dashka

  • Our Dashka is from Bayankhongor Province – she grew up in a herding family (her parents are still herders) but now works as a teacher. Dashka graduated from the Educational University of Mongolia as a Mongolian and English teacher. Her ambition is to focus on the education of children from a herding background as well as wanting to start a training centre with dorm education in Bayankhongor.

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Dashka

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Dashka

Our Manager Tuya

  • Tuya, a dedicated teacher during the school term, extends her loyalty and diligence to our team when she’s not in the classroom. In addition to her teaching role, she serves as our Manager. Tuya’s life is centered around being a positive role model — for her own young family, her students at school, and the less experienced members of the Eternal Landscapes family. Her commitment to this guiding principle is truly commendable.

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Tuya

Trip Assistant Davaa

  • Davaa, who currently resides in Khovsgol Aimag with her young family, pursued her education in international relations at the Mongolian National University in Ulaanbaatar. While her aspiration is to pursue a Master’s degree abroad, she is presently engaged in the tourism sector. Davaa’s work not only provides her with an income but also allows her to indulge in her passion for engaging with people and sharing her extensive knowledge about her homeland.

Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Davaa

Trip Assistant Odnoo

  • Odnoo, a young mother of three, hails from Erdenedalai in the Middle Gobi region but now resides in Ulaanbaatar. She holds qualifications as an English teacher, which she utilises in her work in the tourism industry. Odnoo’s journey in tourism serves not only to enhance her skills and language proficiency but also to impart this knowledge to her young students. Witnessing Odnoo’s remarkable progress and growth since she joined our team fills us with immense pride.


Eternal Landscapes female trip assistant Odnoo

Trip Assistant Ariuka

  • Ariuka is not only a devoted mother to her young son but also an embodiment of modern Mongolian womanhood. Despite holding various jobs, Ariuka’s true passion lies in dedicating her time to volunteer work for organisations like the One Asia Youth Mongolia Conference and the International Young Leaders Assembly. Her commitment to sports is evident as she serves as a Mongolian fencing referee and has undergone training to become an International Fencing Referee. Her dedication is further exemplified by her acceptance as a volunteer at the World Games.

Eternal Landscapes Mongolia trip assistant Ariuka

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Jessica Brooks
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