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July 10, 2016
Mongolian Experiences For Those Short On Time
August 17, 2016
A small selection of podcasts about Mongolia. Plug yourself in and take yourself off to the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.

I am the founder of Eternal Landscapes – a micro business here in Mongolia. I and my small Mongolian team offer ‘low to the ground’ sustainable travel experiences.

My role is split into many different aspects – trainer and coach for my female Mongolian trip assistants. Research and itinerary design. Emails. Welcoming committee. Tour guide. 

Some of my work finds me travelling this glorious land.  Other aspects finds me sitting in front of the computer seeking inspiration. Part of that inspiration comes in the form of podcasts.

I’ve come late to podcasts but love them – different lengths and subjects to fit all situations. I love the randomness of them. I frequently search out podcasts connected with Mongolia. Obvious I guess. Here are some I have listened to recently that are in English:

Tedx Ulaanbaatar

TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.  In this podcastJack Weatherford (professor and author of Genghis Khan And The Making Of The Modern World) gives a Tedx talk studying the relationship of tribal people to the larger societies around them and to world history…all within the context of Mongolia.
Statue of Chinggis Khan

History Of The Mongols

This is a weekly podcast about the Mongol Empire. The most specific so far are Episode One (Chinggis Khan from his birth through to election as Khan), Episode Two (the conflicts that finally led Chinggis Khan to be leader of the Mongols), Episode and Episode 11 (the capital city of Kharkhorin / Karakoram).

Erdene Zuu Monastery, Kharkhorin, Mongolia
Image by our guest Mick Egan

Palaeontology In Mongolia

Mongolia is a vast country with fossils from almost every period in the history of life. Important specimens representing the origin of birds, the origin of mammals, many unique dinosaur species, and the first dinosaur eggs to be identified, have all been found within it’s borders. 

This podcast (split into two) covers the history of palaeontology in Mongolia as well as about the work being undertaken to prevent fossil trafficking.

Bayanzag, Flaming Cliffs, Omnogobi Aimag, Mongolia
Image by Turuu!

Sky Burial In Mongolia

A lot of travellers connect the practise of sky burial with Tibet but it  is a practise that has also been carried out in Mongolia. In this podcast, a student reporter travels to Mongolia in hopes of witnessing such a sky burial. 

Monk vultures, Khangai Mountains, Mongolia
Image by our guest Marian Herz

If listening to any of these podcasts inspires you to search out your passport and visit Mongolia, why not hop on over to my EL website and see what style of Mongolia travel experiences we as a small micro-business offer. 

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