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June 6, 2018
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Your quick guide to the real Mongolia
June 27, 2018

The view from the Zaisan Memorial, Ulaanbaatar.

One Day In Mongolia

Whilst we’d always advise anyone going to Mongolia to spend far more than one day in Mongolia, if 24 hours is all that you’ve got, perhaps because you’re passing through on your journey to elsewhere, then you’re going to want to make sure you pack every single minute with all that Mongolia has to offer!

If you take one of our One Day Tours you’ll certainly not be disappointed; you’ll get a real ‘essence of Mongolia’, it’s culture, the people and the way that they live their daily lives. With these tours it really is time to ditch the guidebook; our ethos is to give people a real insight into everyday Mongolia. We’re there to help the country’s economy by using their local markets and their skills and knowledge; it’s this approach that gives our tours complete authenticity and uniqueness.

No two are ever the same!

We also know that we get a wide range of intrepid explorers joining us. So what sort of person are you? Are you wanting to learn new skills unique to Mongolia? Perhaps you’re a social person wanting to enjoy your day with likeminded people? No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, we’re able to adapt our tours to give you the taste of Mongolian life you’re after.

Now we’ve got you excited, here are just a couple of ideas to whet your appetite a little more…

Mongolian dumplings being made by hand. You can experience this as part of our one day in Mongolia tours

Become an urban Ulaanbaatar explorer

Ulaanbaatar has origins dating back the 18th Century as a nomadic city, but over time has developed into a tough, modern and cosmopolitan city full of contrasts and extremes and is now home to roughly 45% of Mongolia’s population. This trip provides a way of getting in touch with the unique atmosphere and character of the city and with the local community.

You won’t be queuing for museums and temples or hitting the shops, this experience is about getting out and about and exploring and discovering, especially the contrasts that make this city so fascinating. You will travel by local transport, walk through some of Ulaanbaatar’s typical neighbourhoods, see panoramic views that put the city into perspective and enjoy eating with the locals in standard Mongolian eateries.

See the Ulaanbaatar street art

This activity is arranged through local organisation NomadInk, whose mission is to share and educate the culture of urban art in Mongolia. You’ll spend roughly three hours exploring the street art scene in the city of Ulaanbaatar with some of Mongolia’s top street artists. You’ll experience the city as a dynamic canvas.

This is great for those that want to see Ulaanbaatar beyond the guidebooks. As well as exploring different areas of the local neighbourhoods, you’ll get to understand the culture, the stories and the motivation behind the designs and how public art can benefit local communities. And you’ll even get to leave your own ‘tag’, leaving your mark in the form of street art.

The night sky at Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. You can experience this as part of our one day in Mongolia tours

Star gazing at Khurel Togoot Observatory

If you have more free time to book an experience during the evening, wrap up warm and stay up late by visiting the Khurel Togoot Astronomical Observatory with its wonderful Russian architecture. The observatory is located at 1,620 metres above sea level, 15km from the centre of Ulaanbatar in Bogd Khan Mountain. The observatory magnifies the solar system by an incredible 250 times!

The area also provides some great mountain biking opportunities – mainly on a good mix of singletrack and old two track. So for those interested, why not combine the two?

Felt making workshop

This activity is perfect for the creative types among us! Our felt workshops are with B. Erdenetsetseg who is a retired Associate Professor and member of the International Feltmakers Association. Held at her home in Ulaanbaatar, these workshops are informal and relaxed and designed to give you an insight into someone’s way of life in the city, as well as a chance to practise this traditional art form. The price includes lunch at Erdenetsetseg’s home and can also include a cookery lesson for those interested.

These are just a few ideas which we hope will inspire you should you be planning a trip here! If you would like some more information please do get in touch, and don’t forget we offer a 15% discount to those that choose to travel in the low season.

Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
I'm Jess Brooks, the founder of Eternal Landscapes Mongolia and the voice behind EL's blog posts. For more than a decade, since 2006, I've been based in Mongolia, working closely with my beloved Mongolian team to advocate for a tourism approach that brings about positive change.. What sets our blog apart is our deep understanding of Mongolia—our home. Unlike content from influencers or creators, our posts prioritise authenticity and firsthand knowledge as guiding principles.
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