On the road with Eternal Landscapes – Our Attempt At Video Production!

Gandan Monastery – The Palace of Complete Joy – Tuesday’s Snapshot
March 5, 2014
New Year in Mongolia – Shine jiliin mend khurgie!
January 3, 2015

Every Tuesday I upload five images based on a theme from our adventures through Mongolia. For this week, just for something that little bit different, I thought I would amalgamate some of those images into a video. We don’t have a brochure. We don’t really have an office. We definitely don’t have a call centre. But we do have a genuine desire to share the real Mongolia with our clients. I hope that comes across.

All of the photos used have been taken by our guests and this is the Mongolian that you would also experience. So, as they say in Mongolia, Sain Yavaarai – Journey Well.

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