Mongolia – From 2015 to 2016 – Our Review
December 30, 2015
A Photo Diary Of Mongolia
February 11, 2016

The New Year has been celebrated around the world, including in Mongolia. From 9pm through to the early morning,  music and entertainment was provided in a public concert in Sukhbaatar Square. Temperature? A balmy -29. As is customary, the President of Mongolia (Ts. Elbegdorj) addressed the nation on New Year’s Eve:

‘A new year is coming. Let us strive to reinforce our previous achievements and accomplish far more in next year. Let us learn from our previous mistakes and move towards future prosperity.’


Midnight! Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar. Image by

A New Year, A New Travel Style

So. With the celebration of the new year, so starts the ‘made any resolutions?’ conversation and the opportunity for a new start. If you’re struggling with those resolutions or don’t even usually make them, why not change the focus? Make them about the type and style of holiday you have.

Travel Resolutions To Inspire 

Support Local

Even if you only have a few days, you can still get an insight into the local community. Choose to explore the local markets and shops. Choose accommodation and eating options that are appropriate to the area where you’re travelling. Yes that western owned hotel may have reliable Wi-Fi and en-suite hot showers but does it help you to engage with the local communities through which you’re passing?
Retail therapy – Gobi Desert style

Take A Digital Detox 

Leave your tablet, your SmartPhone and any other modern life technological must-haves behind and go unplugged. Whether that’s for just one day or an entire holiday. It will mean you see things from a different more refreshing perspective. 

Taking a digital detox in Mongolia’s Altai. Image by our guest Kairi Aun

Set Yourself a Challenge

Try and leave your comfort zone behind on at least one-holiday experience – it will invigorate and give you a new motivating goal. It can be as simple as climbing the nearest hill for an inspiring view. Whatever you choose, there are challenges of all sizes for everyone.  

Worth the puff! The inspirational view out over Khovsgol Nuur and the Khoriol Saridag on one of our day-treks

Get Up To Watch The Sunrise – At Least Once

Yes, the alarm going off when it’s still dark won’t be a pleasant experience but the rewards will be definitely worth it. You already know you won’t regret it. 
Sunrise. Tsagaan Suvraga. Middle Gobi. Say no more!

Learn A Language

Take time to get a feel for the local language. Even just a few phrases such as hello, thank you and goodbye will get you further than not trying at all. Yes, the pronunciation will be difficult and you will have the odd embarrassing moment but that’s part of the experience.  By trying to learn a few words you’re helping to break down any communication barriers such as reservation and indifference that may be in place.


Say hello. It will help make more genuine moments. Zaisan Hill, Ulaanbaatar

 Don’t Rush

It doesn’t always have to be about ticking off the sights. Have the courage not to always go the way of the crowd.  Enjoy sitting in a local cafe and watching the world pass by. Explore a city without a guidebook for an hour or so – see where it takes you. Meet people. It’s the best way to travel.


Taking time out over the Selenge River landscapes

 Travel Out Of Season

It will be cheaper for you and it means you can enjoy the destination without the crowds.
Some…but not quite all…of my brilliant EL team on a winter picnic

Sleep Under The Stars

No reason needed. If you need one though – it put everything into perspective. 
On tour. October 2015. Photograph by our guest Paul Allerton

Savour the unexpected

It won’t all go according to plan. It can’t. Instead of getting worked up about what you can’t control, enjoy the unexpected.
Where will the new year take you? Why not Mongolia? Mongolia will teach you to embrace the enjoyment that comes from the simplicity and you’ll end up revelling in the overwhelming sense of liberation that comes only from travelling through and standing in the immensity and diversity of such vast landscapes and meeting the people that makes their home amongst such landscapes.
If you’re considering Mongolia, look at the Mongolia tours page of our website. We look forward to welcoming you!
Refresh your sense of adventure in the immensity of Mongolia. Image by our guest Egon Filter


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