Mongolian Proverbs – How They Can Help With Your New Year Resolutions

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Seriously? Can traditional Mongolian proverbs be used as inspiration for your New Year resolutions? Why not?!

Now is the time of year when those freshly made New Year resolutions are starting to slip a little. That one you made about using your bike more often and the bike is still in the shed where it’s been since last January. If you’ve made your resolutions just a little too unachievable why not use one of these traditional Mongolian proverbs for inspiration?!

New Year’s Resolution Number One – I must get out on my bike more!


If you say ‘yes’, don’t sigh ‘no’.

 If you are afraid to do something, don’t do it. And if you do something, don’t be afraid.

 If you endeavour then fate will favour you.

A man fails seven times and rises eight times

The culture of Mongolia has been heavily influenced by the traditional nomadic way of life. Many families in modern Mongolia still strive to preserve the traditional teachings of which proverbs formed a part. One of my favourites comes from the Muslim Kazakh nomads in western Mongolia: ‘Trust in Allah but tie up your camel.’

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