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Winter trips in Mongolia

Winter Wilderness Dog Sledding

8 days - Various Departures

Khovsgol On Ice

February 25th - 11 days

(Includes Khovsgol Ice Festival)

Tsagaan Sar Insight

February 15th - 5 days

(Extensions Possible)

October 2017 to March 2018 - Any date. Can be customised. Khovsgol On Ice 2018 - Intro TM.pdf

Khovsgol On Ice

10 days

Gobi & Camel Festival

Includes Thousand Camel Festival

March 1st - 9 days

We don’t ‘close’ for the winter months - we still offer local experiences to the adventurous few who find themselves coming to Mongolia. And, for those travelling at this time of year, we reward you with a 15% discount.

True, winter in Mongolia has a bit of a reputation. It is cold, but the cold is an important part of what makes Mongolia and its landscapes extraordinary at this time of year.  For all of our winter trips, we provide traditional felt boots, hand-made goat skin blankets and can provide winter deels as well.  You’ll spend most nights in a ger - warming yourself by the stove. The night skies more than make up for the challenge of the temperatures. Winter in Mongolia is a remarkable experience - especially as the Mongolians you meet  will be very proud to welcome foreign visitors in wintertime.

Our winter trips are shared adventures in that you will stay alongside rural families. Enjoy being part of a minority who visit Mongolia in the winter - enjoy slowing-down and seeing and experiencing Mongolia like few other people get to do.  Whether you choose to experience one of the community festivals, live alongside Kazakh eagle hunters or just experience the rural way of life at Gorkhi Terelj. Our winter trips can usually be adapted to fit with the arrival and departure of the Trans-Mongolian/Trans-Siberian. All can be tweaked, adapted, shortened or extended to suit you.

Altai & Eagles

Includes Nauryz Festival

March 14th - 10 days

(Option to extend with road trip)

Gobi Insight

8 days

National Parks & Nature Reserves

6 days

Hunting With Eagles

Saturday to Saturday

Modern Nomads

11 days

Orkhon Valley

7 days