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Welcome to our ‘Wild Tracks’ Mongolia road trips, designed to offer our guests an immersive experience that goes beyond just exploration. Our extended road trip journeys are intentionally designed to offer you a deeper understanding of Mongolia’s diverse landscapes and rich culture while actively contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Long hours on Mongolian roads may not be everyone’s ideal travel experience. But here’s the thing: Mongolia is vast, one of the world’s largest countries. While there are domestic flights available, we’re passionate about a different kind of journey. We believe in savouring the road, exploring the in-between landscapes. These journeys offer a unique chance to experience the subtle shifts in the scenery along the way and see how people make their lives within these landscapes. Although an overused phrase, it really is not just about the destination; it’s about embracing the entire journey and our extended road trips promote a slower, more meaningful exploration through Mongolia and allow you to forge genuine connections with local families that we work in long-term community partnerships with, ensuring that your journey fosters a positive economic impact in the regions through which you travel.

Join us on one of our Wild Tracks road trips  — adventures that not only let you explore Mongolia’s beauty but also empower communities and embody responsible travel.

Eastern Landscapes & Gobi Desert 

23 Days | Adaptable

Gobi, Heartland & Khangai

23 Days | Adaptable

North & Western Landscapes

23 Days | Adaptable

Central Heartland & Western Landscapes

23 Days | Adaptable

Gobi Desert, Heartland & Western Landscapes

23 Days | Adaptable

Gobi, Centre & West

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