Our Mongolia Mountain Bike Tours

Vast and wild, the landscapes of Mongolia are the perfect setting for our rugged, Mongolia mountain bike tours. Dirt, grass and gravel tracks abound. Where there are no tracks, simply pedal your way across open steppe – the rolling undulating terrain that makes up the majority of the country.

We have developed great cycling routes in collaboration with the local communities that we work in long-term local community partnership with. Mongolia’s awe-inspiring immensity is felt even more vividly when you are on a bike. Yet, our itineraries are not about ‘must-see sights’ or the highlights of Mongolia. You won’t necessarily have heard of the locations in our Mongolia biking experiences.  That’s the idea. We have designed our bike trips so they focus on slow travel – giving you time to experience the ‘places in-between’, the places and communities not actually mentioned in the guidebooks. This is about you biking through rural communities and discovering and exploring the way of life in the different regions. 

We offer both our set-date small group trips and our tailor-made options for our Mongolia mountain bike tours which can be adapted to riders of different physical abilities and experience which can be adapted to suit.

Set-Date Small Group Mongolia Mountain Bike Tours

    • May 24th 2024 – 11 Days
    • Sept 22nd 2024 – 11 Days

6 Days Flexible Biking | Central Heartland & Khangai Mountains | Hosted by herding families we work in long-term local community partnership with | Positive impact adventure with NGO visits learning about social issues & challenges

We run these departures in partnership with Social Cycles. Social Cycles host small group cycle adventures for travellers with a social conscience. As well as the biking element, they engage with local transparent community-based projects. In the Mongolian context, that means learning from three to four different NGOs that are all connected with the reality of life, faced by Mongolia’s herders in the 21st century.

Our partnership with Social Cycles allows you to interact and connect with local NGOs to find out more about the lifestyle of Mongolia’s herders, the opportunities they have, and the challenges they must overcome.

Tailor Made Mongolia Mountain Bike Tours

Both can be adapted to suit you and the experience you’re looking for. If you prefer, we can always combine cycle sections with travelling by 4×4, experiencing the local way of life, day hikes on foot and the option of horse treks.

8 Days (7 days biking)| Trails and culture of Middle Gobi | Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project | Hosted by herding families we work in long-term local community partnership with |

13 Days (11 days biking) | In-depth exploration of landscapes of Khovsgol Province

Further ideas

If you like our tailor-made options but are looking to explore a different region, let Jess know the number of people in your party and we’ll put some itinerary designs together for you and send them across with the pricing.

The Altai

Panoramic view of the snow capped Altai Mountains in western Mongolia
The trekking trails that traverse the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in western Mongolia make for a great biking route. Or, even better, don’t follow the crowds and allow us to plan your route using the knowledge of the Kazakh eagle hunters we work closely with. Choose this option and you’ll discover a different, more hidden, side to the Altai – although this brief description doesn’t do this experience justice. Our hidden Altai is unexpectedly beautiful. And off the beaten track. And an Altai that few others get to see – a good alternative to the increasingly popular Altai Tavan Bogd.

Gorkhi Terelj National Park

The mountain forest steppes of Gorkhi Terelj National Park in Mongolia
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park makes a perfect location for a short biking trip. Although the main valley is developed, don’t dismiss the area. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park shares a common border with the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area – the highest formal protection status in Mongolia’s system of protected areas. Take the time to explore the backcountry – it offers a diverse and wild landscape comprising of mountains, river valleys, dense forest, rocky summits and wildflower meadows.

Southern Gobi Desert

The sandstone formations of Khermen Tsav in Mongolia's southern Gobi Desert
A popular but fun and short route takes in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park and the Khongoryn Els sand dunes of Omnogobi Aimag – Mongolia’s southern Gobi. But, consider extending and taking a more exploratory route – going further into the immensity of Bayankhongor Province – including the Kherman Tsav canyon.

Khangai Mountains

A panoramic view of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park in central Mongolia
One of Mongolia’s three major mountain chains, the Khangai Mountains dominate the central heartland. If you’re looking for the ultimate active adventure, consider part of the Khangai Bike Traverse. For something still exhilarating yet shorter, consider either the volcanic Chuluut River region or the Orkhon River – one of Mongolia’s four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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