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Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Gun Galuut Nature Reserve and Kharkhorin

Tsonjin Bokdog, the Orkhon valley and the Gobi Oasis

Short Trips in Mongolia

We have developed great cycling routes in collaboration with the local communities that we work with. Mongolia’s awe-inspiring immensity is felt even more vividly when you are on a bike. Yet, our itineraries are not about ‘must see sights’ or the highlights of Mongolia. This is about you biking through rural communities and discovering and exploring the different regions.


Come and enjoy the freedom of the open road, rejuvenate your spirit of adventure and escape the pressures of the western world. We combine cycle sections with travelling by 4x4, day hikes on foot and with the option of horse treks. With the focus being on local living.


Approximately 50km per day with flat and slightly undulating sections combined with a few more challenging climbs. Variable surface conditions will add an extra element of challenge in places but you’ll always accompanied by the tour vehicle so if you at times prefer four wheels to two, just hop on board.


We work closely with the Trek Bike Shop in Ulaanbaatar. Marlin 5 mountain bikes are provided but with the option to upgrade or bring your own bike.

Gobi Steppe Trails

6 Days

June 3rd 2018 and then continuing Sunday departures

Quick Reference

Each PDF has a more detailed introduction to ‘the logistics’ but use this for a quick overvriew:

•  All trips can be booked as a private or small group experience. They can be adjusted to suit you.

•  The route and distances are fluid to allow for who you may meet, the weather and the road conditions.

•  Maybe you want to bike but your travel partner doesn’t? No problem. Both come along. Your travel partner will receive a ‘no biking’ discount.

•  Camping? YES! It’s entirely appropriate in a country of nomads. Wild camping is really the only way to experience Mongolia. Each PDF has more       details but yes, there’ll be opportunities for hot showers along the way. And you’ll each get your own tent at no extra cost.

•  No. You don’t have to be a professional cyclist. However, you’ll enjoy it more if you’re reasonably fit and have some off-road cycling experience. Of      course, for when you need four wheels instead of two you can always hop in the support vehicle - one of our beloved Russian 4x4 vans.

Khovsgol Trails


11 Days

June 3rd 2018 and then continuing Sunday departures