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March 3, 2019
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Celebrating International Women's Day in Mongolia

International Women’s Day (2019) In Mongolia

March 8th is International Women’s Day in Mongolia. The focus of the 2019 campaign is #BalanceforBetter – a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. But, how does International Women’s Day in Mongolia relate to Eternal Landscapes?

Those of you who have travelled with us know that we employ only Mongolian female trip assistants – Mongolian women working in tourism as a way of improving their lives, to support their family and for the independence it brings.

Our female Mongolian trip assistants will be celebrating International Women's Day in Mongolia

Our business philosophy is not only to help provide long-term support to local Mongolians through our long-term local community partnerships but also to provide training and development opportunities for women who want the opportunity to work in tourism but who don’t have the professional qualifications or experience or who don’t fit the requirements to work for our larger competitors.

Our ‘Girls’ represent a broad spectrum of Mongolian society and include herders, a widow, a mum of three, a single mum of one, a mum of four, a dedicated student training to be a GP. Many are English teachers. Pride runs deep in our girls and we have chosen them as they have a willingness to do right, a desire to learn and have a genuine love for and connection with their country.

It’s a joy to see them develop as young women and to see them go from strength to strength. To honour International Women’s Day in Mongolia and to honour them, we asked our ‘girls’ two questions – what do they most want for women in Mongolia and what do they most want for themselves as a woman in Mongolia.

Celebrating International Women's Day in Mongolia

Odnoo is from the small community of Erdenedalai in Dundgobi Aimag (the middle Gobi). She now teaches in Ulaanbaatar and is about to study for a Masters. The reason she likes to work in tourism is so that she can develop her skills and language and pass this new knowledge on to her young students. 

  • What Do You Most Want For Women In Mongolia?

To help empower Mongolian women by organising and arranging meetings and sports events in rural Mongolia to bring women together.

  • And what do you want most for yourself as a woman in Mongolia?

To make my life interesting and powerful. And to carry on playing sports as much as I can.


Part of our Erdenedalai family in the middle Gobi, Tuya is based in Ulaanbaatar and her main profession is as a teacher.  Outside of school term she is a loyal and hardworking member of our team. I asked her recently about her career – she replied that her focus in life was just to be a good person and role model – for her young family, for the school children she teaches and for the younger less experienced members of the Eternal Landscapes family as well.

  • What Do You Most Want For Women In Mongolia?

For them to be independent, strong, and well educated

  • And what do you want most for yourself as a woman in Mongolia?

To be a good mum, daughter and wife but also to be independent, educated and stronger.


Zaya is a delightful young woman. Having grown up in the countryside and studied to be an accountant she is now focusing on her plan to eventually study abroad. Until that happens,  she is improving her language.  She particularly likes history and is striving to learn more about her home country. Her dedication and enthusiasm for EL – our team, guests and philosophy – is what makes her such a great member of EL.

  • What Do You Most Want For Women In Mongolia?
That they have good health and access to education as well as a plan of life. Also that they are able to travel. In the words of Zaya, life is a journey
  • And what do you want most for yourself as a woman in Mongolia?

I want to study more about the world, read more and travel more.


From Ulaanbaatar, Deegii studied as an English teacher at the Mongolian National University of Education. As well as education, another of her passions is a conversation with open-minded people. Degii likes to work in tourism for the opportunity it gives her to learn something new. And believes it will greatly help with her contribution to the field of education.

  • What Do You Most Want For Women In Mongolia?

I think that there is so much on women’s mind that we never publicly express. I just want these things to the women in Mongolia.A society without violence against women. , A freedom to express our views without fear, and strength to listen to our minds.

  • And what do you want most for yourself as a woman in Mongolia?

I want to be a good person who has purpose, aspirations, and who is independent.

If you’re interested in the work we do with women in Mongolia then why not look at our Mongolia women-only tour?

Some of our female Mongolian trip assistants celebrating International Women's Day in Mongolia
Jess @ Eternal Landscapes
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
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