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Mongolia Family Tours

Visiting Mongolia with kids? Absolutely! Picture wide-open spaces brimming with freedom and endless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and discovery. Not to mention, Mongolia boasts a surprisingly robust 4G network, providing affordable data when gadgets like iPads become essential.

Our family tours in Mongolia are meticulously crafted with children as the focus—not the adults. While parents may be the ones reaching out to us, we design our tours to enrich and excite young minds.

That’s why you’ll find fewer visits to monasteries or archaeological sites, unless specifically requested. Instead, we prioritise interactive and flexible experiences that can include local train journeys, cooking classes, and even wild camping adventures for the more adventurous families.

Below is an overview of the exciting experiences and activities that we can offer on our family tours in Mongolia:

  • An interactive visit to the Uuliin Nuur Community Project in Ulaanbaatar

Uuliin Nuur Community Project Ulaanbaatar

During our family tours in Mongolia, we can include a visit to the Uuliin Nuur (Green Lake) community project t in Ulaanbaatar. This vibrant community space, envisioned and established by Ulzii, a dedicated Mongolian philanthropist, serves the local families and children from the nearby Bayangol ger districts.

At the heart of this initiative is a small, shallow lake. In the summer, it is bustling with pedalo boats, while in winter it transforms into a lively ice-skating rink. Adjacent to the lake is an indoor community center where Ulzii provides free educational programmes to local children, including English and music lessons.

The area is also home to a charming menagerie of long-term residents, including a pair of ducks, doves, and a rabbit. Additionally, Ulzii has created a ger museum dedicated to the history of the area. It features a viewing platform offering panoramic views of Ulaanbaatar, enhancing the educational and cultural experience for visitors.

  • Walk In The Footsteps Of Dinosaurs

For families with budding paleontologists, Mongolia presents an extraordinary destination. The country’s rich prehistoric heritage is showcased in places like the remarkable cliffs of Bayanzag in the Gobi Desert, often referred to as the “Flaming Cliffs.” Here, the red sandstone formations have yielded some of the most significant dinosaur fossils ever discovered.

Mongolia's Flaming Cliffs - also known as Bayanzag - in the southern Gobi Desert

Or, in Ulaanbaatar, visit the Natural History Museum  (previously called the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs). This museum offers a fascinating look at the giants that once roamed the region, with well-preserved skeletons and detailed exhibits that are sure to captivate children and adults alike.

  • Get On Your Bike And Ride

Each of our tour vehicles is equipped with a City Nomads folding bike, a favourite among local Mongolians and our guests! These bikes offer a unique way to bridge cultural gaps without the need for words, providing a common ground for everyone. Additionally, they allow your children the freedom to explore independently when they’re settled at camp. We feel this element of our tours not only encourages a deeper connection with the surroundings but also fosters a sense of adventure and autonomy in young explorers.


Alternatively, if your entire family enjoys cycling and wishes to spend a few days exploring a region on two wheels, we offer GIANT XTC 800 mountain bikes for hire. Your adventure will be fully supported by our experienced EL team, which includes a male driver and a female trip assistant. Additionally, the EL tour vehicle doubles as a bike support vehicle, ensuring that you have all the assistance you need for an enjoyable cycling journey.

  • Take The Train

We love taking the local Trans Mongolian train which follows the route of the historical Tea Road. The options, though limited, offer great journeys either south to the stark beauty of the Gobi Desert or north through the expansive steppe and picturesque river valleys.

Whether you opt for a day trip or an overnight experience, spending a few hours on the train provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. You can enjoy making tea or coffee with the traditional samovar and engage in friendly conversations with Mongolian locals. This interaction is not just a travel highlight but an authentic way to connect with the heartbeat of Mongolia.

You can find more ideas here on how we combine the train within our itineraries – https://www.eternal-landscapes.co.uk/mongolia-tours/mongolia-short-tours/

Leave Small Footprints In A Big Country

If your child is passionate about the environment, concerned about the climate crisis, or curious about the impact of tourism on nature, our responsible travel page  or  Climate Action Plan might be of interest. Here, your kids can learn about the efforts we are making to mitigate our environmental impact.

We wholeheartedly support involving children in the planning process of your family tour in Mongolia, especially if they are interested in environmental conservation. For example, they can learn about the effects of climate change on Mongolia and express interest in participating in activities like a tree-planting project. We are more than happy to integrate these educational and proactive experiences into your travel itinerary.

Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project during a Mongolia family tour


  • Cook up a storm on the steppe

All of our tour vehicles come equipped with a compact mobile kitchen, allowing our team to prepare most of your meals.

For families with children who are particular about their food, this mobile kitchen means greater flexibility in meal preparation. We can cater to most preferences and dietary needs, ensuring that even the fussiest eaters are happy and well-fed. While there are some limitations given our remote locations in Mongolia, we strive to accommodate and adapt to your family’s needs as much as possible.

This setup also means that we can offer informal Mongolian cookery lessons, whether you’re camping in the wilderness or staying in a local homestay. (We can also offer cookery experiences in Ulaanbaatar for anyone who isn’t looking to leave the city.)

Cooking during family tours in Mongolia

  • Get Creative

For families with children who have a passion for arts and crafts, we offer tailored felting or quilting experiences. You can choose to participate in a workshop at either a local felting or quilting project. Depending on your schedule and interest, these workshops can be customised to last from as little as one hour to half a day or even longer. This is a fantastic way for your family to engage creatively and gain hands-on experience in traditional Mongolian crafts, guided by expert local crafters.

  • Free To Roam Treks

No matter the season—spring, summer, autumn, or winter—we offer trekking experiences that can be tailored to your preferences. You can choose to travel on foot, by camel, horse, or even on a yak cart. Whether you opt to wild camp under the stars or stay with local herders, we ensure a genuine and immersive experience. We collaborate closely with herders through long-term local community partnerships to arrange these treks. For family-friendly treks, we typically use a support vehicle rather than pack animals, ensuring comfort and safety for children.

  • For Those That Love History

For families whose children are captivated by Chinggis Khan, our tours can include a visit to the impressive Chinggis Khan Museum in Ulaanbaatar, where you’ll explore a modern and expansive exhibit dedicated to the Mongol Empire’s founder. Additionally, you can marvel at the 131-foot high Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue, an iconic tribute that offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

We also suggest a trip to the Kharkhorin Museum, which provides an in-depth look at the history of the Orkhon River Valley and the legacies of the Turkish and Mongol Empires. To further enrich your historical journey, we include a visit to the National History Museum in Ulaanbaatar. Here, you’ll find an extensive display of traditional Mongolian costumes and artifacts that bring the rich tapestry of Mongolian history to life.

  • Hang Out With Eagles

Mongolia family tour with eagle hunter

Experience the culture, warm hospitality, and traditions of the Mongol Kazakh eagle hunters in western Mongolia.  (If you choose to travel with us, these are long-term local community partnerships.) This is a remarkable immersive experience as you are hosted in the family home and means you not only meet but spend time living alongside both seasoned eagle hunters and the inspiring young female eagle huntresses who are carrying on this ancient tradition.

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible bond between the hunters and their eagles, learn about the training methods and the cultural significance of eagle hunting, and even see demonstrations of the hunting techniques used in the vast and rugged landscapes of the region. This connection offers a deep dive into the lives of these remarkable hunters, highlighting their skills and heritage.

  • For The Nature Lovers

For those with kids passionate about wildlife and nature, Khustain Nuruu National Park is a must-visit. Located conveniently close to Ulaanbaatar, so there’s no need for complicated logistics, this park is one of Mongolia’s prime conservation success stories, showcasing the remarkable revival of the Przewalski’s horse, also known as the Takhi. These wild horses, once on the brink of extinction, now roam freely within the park, thanks to relentless conservation efforts.

Visiting Khustain offers a unique opportunity to observe these magnificent horses in their natural habitat. To enhance your experience, consider combining your visit with a homestay with a local herding family. This allows you not only more time to explore the park but also provides an intimate glimpse into the daily lives and traditions of Mongolian herders.

  • For The Culture Vultures

In Ulaanbaatar, there are excellent cultural shows and events that offer a glimpse into Mongolia’s rich heritage. You can enjoy performances by the Tsagaan Lavai Ensemble or the Tumen Enkh Ensemble, both of which showcase traditional Mongolian music and dance.

Alternatively, timing your visit to coincide with one of Mongolia’s vibrant festivals can add a special dimension to your trip. Another enriching experience is a visit to the Mongol Nomadic Cultural Heritage Center, located just outside Ulaanbaatar. This center provides an interactive way to learn about the nomadic lifestyle.

  • Enjoy A Rural Homestay

Our family tours in Mongolia all offer the opportunity of a hands-on exploration of local life, from milking a goat to sampling traditional cuisine. We foster long-term partnerships with families throughout the country, who then become your hosts. These immersive experiences not only allow you to connect with the authentic daily routines of the Mongolian people but also support sustainable community tourism.

Family tours in Mongolia

On our family tours in Mongolia, we encourage a more immersive experience by suggesting that you skip the typical ‘highlights’ or ‘must-see’ attractions. Instead, we advocate for spending more time in fewer locations, which provides greater freedom and flexibility to tailor the trip to your family’s pace and interests. Whether your children are fascinated by history, nature, or culture, we can mix and match activities to cater to their curiosity.

We’re also well-equipped to adapt our tours to families with children of varying ages, ensuring that everyone has an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Exploring by bike - Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Given Mongolia’s vast size—comparable to Western Europe—road trips are an integral part of the adventure. We make these journeys more enjoyable by breaking them up with our delightful picnic lunches. These stops allow you to explore the local landscape, play a game of football, or simply relax and absorb the tranquil surroundings. Additionally, we make impromptu stops for bathroom breaks, visits to local markets, to sample traditional fermented mare’s milk, or to capture the beauty of Mongolia with your camera.

For further ideas, check the Mongolia family holidays page on our website as well as our blog post on the best times to visit as a family.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Jess @ Eternal Landscapes

Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks
I'm Jess Brooks, the founder of Eternal Landscapes Mongolia and the voice behind EL's blog posts. For more than a decade, since 2006, I've been based in Mongolia, working closely with my beloved Mongolian team to advocate for a tourism approach that brings about positive change.. What sets our blog apart is our deep understanding of Mongolia—our home. Unlike content from influencers or creators, our posts prioritise authenticity and firsthand knowledge as guiding principles.
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