Expectations Of Travelling In Mongolia

On The Road Review
June 14, 2013
True Gobi and Heartland – On The Road Update
June 29, 2013

Zeynep Ozbek travelled with us on one of our Wilderness Trails Mongolia small group tours. I share her thoughts here:

The view from our ‘sunset rock viewing platform’ just above our camp!

‘Mongolia is not an easy country in many ways. The country is only adjusting to being independent and the infrastructure that one takes for granted in most places – power and water supply, road networks and public transport etc. are vastly below universal standards. On top of that, the country is huge, the population is minimal (under 3 million living in a country the size of western Europe) and visiting regions far away from Ulaan Baatar is a challenge in itself. Half the population is still living a semi-nomadic life living in gers and moving as and when their herds of livestock need new grazing grounds and there are few permanent settlements spread over huge distances. The tourists who visit therefore, should go bearing all above in mind.  A holiday/adventure in Mongolia is all about living the Mongolian nomadic way of life, sampling first hand a nomad’s life which is not a walk in the park but very basic, whether staying in soviet style old hotels, gers or tents. A luxury holiday it is not. Having said that, living like the locals brings you in touch with nature, experiencing the joys of watching huge herds of horses, camels, yaks, sheep or goats on the move, fauna and flora in abundance everywhere and pristine lakes and rivers whose waters we didn’t even have to boil to drink.  The vast steppe landscape makes one feel free and forget the hurly burly of modern life. It is like stepping back in time to a different era and way of thinking and living and is probably one of the last few places on earth which has stayed true to its history.’

The view from Zeynep’s tent on her Wilderness Trails experience

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