November 11, 2018

Guidebook to Mongolia

Guidebook To Mongolia It’s remarkable where a chance encounter can lead isn’t it? In this case, to the publication of our interactive guidebook to Mongolia. Mongolia […]
December 24, 2017
Winter community events at the Nogoon Nuur Community Project in the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar. Once a quarry. Then a waste dump. Now a thriving space for families and children of the ger districts. The vision of Mongolian philanthropist Ulzii.

A Christmas Message From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Christmas in Mongolia. For the 3.5 percent of Mongolia’s population that is Christian (in the 2010 Census, 64.4 % of Mongolia’s population highlighted they were of some […]
July 28, 2017
Local Mongolian men enjoying using the camera of one of our guests at the local Naadam Festival in Kharkhorin, central Mongolia

Mongolia Through A Lens

My brief guide to photography in Mongolia Am I a photographer? No. Do I take photographs? Mostly no. So why am I writing a post on […]
July 13, 2017
Archery at Mongolia's Naadam Festival

Mongolia’s Naadam Festival – 2017

If you’re reading about Mongolia then you have probably heard of Naadam. What surprises me is that people just see Naadam as the Three Manly Games. Naad means […]
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