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Aglag Buteeliin Khiid In Mongolia

Aglag Buteeliin Khiid Temple Mongolia

Aglag Buteeliin Khiid is one of Mongolia’s newest monasteries and serves as the residence of Purevbat Lama, a prominent figure in contemporary Mongolian Buddhism. While it functions primarily as a center for meditation and education, what truly sets Aglag Buteeliin Khiid apart is its remarkable setting, with far-reaching views and exuding a sense of tranquility, the monastery offers an unparalleled ambiance. Additionally, the kora—a meditative pathway winding through the surrounding larch forests—further enhances the spiritual experience for visitors.

The following short film by Gandan Television will give you an overview:



Before entering the main temple building at Aglag Buteeliin Khiid, follow the marked path on the ‘kora’ to explore Purevbat’s collection of Buddhist rock carvings. These carvings are thoughtfully integrated into the natural surroundings, featuring fertility rock sculptures and caves symbolising purification and renewal. The temple itself boasts exquisite thangka paintings and doubles as a museum showcasing Buddhist art and artifacts.

The founder of Aglag Buteeliin Khiid

Gankhuugiin Purevbat, a Buddhist teacher is a prominent figure within contemporary Mongolian Buddhism. Beyond his spiritual role, he is also renowned as a Mongolian painter and art enthusiast, notably founding the Zanabazar Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art.

Purevbat’s journey began with the study of traditional Mongolian art at the National Art and Culture College in Ulaanbaatar. However, upon realising the roots of traditional thangka Buddhist paintings in Tibetan Buddhism, he felt drawn to embrace Buddhism as a monk. The primary objective of his institute is to rejuvenate and develop Mongolian Buddhist art while infusing it with a distinct Mongolian essence. This short film, from The Tibet Foundation, tells more about this story.

Aglag Buteeliin Khiid is approximately 100km north of Ulaanbaatar, the ascent from the car park to the temple buildings entails a steep, 10-15 minute hike, which may leave some visitors breathless. Additionally, the kora path features sections with steep steps. However, it’s important not to rush through the experience. Take the time to relish the tranquility of the surroundings and immerse yourself in the rich culture and spirituality of the site. Moreover, this location offers a great opportunity to interact with local Mongolians, many of whom enjoy day trips from Ulaanbaatar, particularly during the summer months.


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