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Positive Travel

The responsible travel value is a true value to Eternal Landscapes and core to what you do. It is not merely a nice term which you just give lip service to. I do feel that our trip was low impact. If any impact was made, it is a positive, financial one to the local communities we passed through.
Sarah Cutler, Australia (Untamed Mongolia)

It was clear that EL takes great care to operate to the highest standards of fair trade, to benefit local people by taking trade directly to them, and employing people less likely to have other opportunities. Alison Cathles, UK (Untamed Mongolia)

Leave Small Footprints in a

Our friendships with local people are genuine friendships - forged over time, mainly with tea, sometimes with vodka. This means we offer adventures that give that local perspective and their and our local knowledge and genuine love for the country underpins every one of the journeys that we design and offer. Introducing just a few of the families that we work with.


Bambakh at Khovsgol Nuur


Gaya at Karkhorin


Maam at Khongoryn Els


Batsaikhan at Baga Gazriin Chuluu


The Tomorbat family at Ulaan Tsutgalan

At EL, I strive to make sure our itineraries have a positive impact on Mongolia and the preservation and conservation of Mongolia’s ecosystems. Part of this philosophy is that we actively support and work in partnership with local projects that between them provide greater opportunities and benefits for local communities within Mongolia.

CAMDA - Dedicated to supporting
Wild Camel  Protection Foundation– Conservation
Gobi Oasis   A family
Asral – Assisting families in
Mongolian Quilts – Improving women’s
A note from Jess

Our belief in travelling responsibly is one of our core principles and at the heart of what we do and how we operate. Travel can, and should be, a positive experience for both you, the visitor, and for Mongolia – its natural environment, people, culture and traditions. We believe that travel has to be beneficial to all concerned.

Our aim is to ensure that our type and scale of tourism is appropriate to the local conditions of Mongolia and that we do not help to overload the local infrastructure. We take responsibility for our actions, keep our responsible travel goals realistic and attainable, and can show real evidence of our good practise.

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